Review for Set 6 Pictures

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Reviewfor Set 6 Pictures

Thisset is made up of four pieces of art. The first pieces are that ofwooden sculptures representing the faces of two women. The sculpturesare made of logs of the tree, and the lower part of the log is leftintact, perhaps to remind the viewer of the same. Nevertheless, thisends up forming the most captivating part of the sculptures. Theheads of the two represented faces of women are fitted with somematerial that is golden in color to represent their hair. The hairstyles seem quite complicated. The next piece of art in this set is aphoto of a man carrying another man on the shoulder.

Bothmen are bare-chested, and the man is covering the face of the onecarrying him with his right hand. The photo brings out a topic onsame-sex relationships, given the aspect in which the painting ismade. The third piece of art in this set is a painting that containsimages of four people in their youth. This includes three women andtwo men. They seem to come from an uptown society based on the waythat they are dressed. They appear to be on a train since they areholding a piece of vertical metal. The painting helps to show thekind of contemporary life that we currently live in which ischaracterized with a lot of hustles working in a bid to raise ourstandards of living.

Thelast photo sin this set shows three paintings. One of them is that ofan old man adorned in earrings with a cigarette in his mouth. Thesecond one is that of a young man in a fancy hairstyle with a birdnext to him. The third one is that of an old woman with largespectacles and a headscarf. These three paintings bring out the issueof modernization in this century where even the old aged are workinghard to remain youthful. All the pieces of art in this set have abeautiful story to tell.

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