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Beforethe execution of an effective strategic plan, it is critical toperform research concerning an organization’s operationalenvironment. Netflix is the leading global internet televisionnetwork, which has over 69 million members in approximately 60countries the members enjoy above 100 hours of movies and TV showsin a day. Members have the benefit of watching as much as they desireanytime and in any place (Gulati et al., 2014). As a public tradedorganization, Netflix has to mind about its shareholders. Emanatingfrom the increasing number of competitors in the industry, Netflixhas a strategic plan of increasing the shareholders’ value. Assuch, it has to ensure that its strategic plan becomes indented withits mission, vision, and people strategies as well as valuestatements.

Inorder to ensure that the organization produces desirable outcomes, itis important to align strategic research with the vision and missionof the organization (Gulati et al., 2014). The mission of Netflix isto provide its customers with stellar service, suppliers with avaluable partner, investors with the prospects of sustainedprofitable growth, and employees with an allure of large impact.There are two significant goals within the mission of thisorganization, which are crucial in dictating the nature of researchperformed in the strategic plan. One of the goals is that theorganization strives to become a leader in the entertainmentindustry. This goal can be realized by making sure that theorganization engages in research that would identify the competitorsin the industry and do their analysis. Besides, the organizationshould also ensure that it engages in research that would identifypotential growth opportunities, which would play a key role inincreasing the market share of the organization in the industry.Another goal of the organization from its mission is sustainability.In realizing this goal, the organization will need to performresearch on supply chain operations and technology. Since theoperations of the organization are intertwined with technology,research on new and emerging technologies may help in enhancingprofit sustainability.

Thevision of the organization is to become a global leader in on-demandvideo entertainment available for different devices (Gulati et al.,2014). In order to realize this vision, the organization has toperform research that would help it in identifying technologies thatcan help in increasing its market share in the entertainmentindustry. Also, it is critical to ensure that the strategic plan ofthe organization becomes aligned with the organization’s corporatevalues and human resources strategies. The organization has to engagein research that will help it in identifying tactics that are alignedwith its strategic plan. Furthermore, the organization must performresearch that would help in identifying the tactics that would beused with the human resources in realizing the strategic plan.

Externalenvironment entails forces that go beyond the direct control of anorganization’s management (Saleem, 2010). In doing its externalenvironment analysis, Netflix will use its competitors’information. The competitors’ information would be used in helpingthe organization increase its market share in the industry. Also,sources of external environment analysis would also include changesin regulatory information and technology. Alternatively, internalenvironment involves forces that an organization has the ability toinfluence directly (Saleem, 2010). Therefore, the sources forinternal environment analysis would be strengths and weaknesses ofthe organization as well as the opportunities available to theorganization these can help the organization in gauging its internalcapacity to realize its strategic plan.


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