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is found in every part of the world, it entails a cultural system ofpractices, ethics and practices. It’s said that 86% of thepopulation are associated with religion. These religions mainlyinclude Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. They tend tobelieve that there is a supreme being who is responsible for theexistence of human beings. Christianity is the most widespreadreligion among the named religions above. Christianity is estimatedto have more than 2 billion believers and it has been in existencefor more than 2000 years ago. Christians believe that there is oneSupreme Being called God and he created all the human beings in theworld according to Christianity (Segundo,et al. 1984).

Reflectionupon how religion and spirituality facilitate or frustrate our searchof meaning.

Overthe years of the existence humanity, Human beings have used toreligion to explain the natural phenomena’s that occur. An examplecould be the cause of thunder in the skies, people would use thenotion that the thunder meant God was angry. In Christianity, webelieve that we are here on earth as a test by God and waiting forsalvation when God decides to come back for his people. Christiansbelieve that there is an existence of a place called heaven where Godwill take his people to (Stockdale,et al. 1986).

Christianssacrifice their personal desires for the sake of upholding the rulesin the holy bible. The problem that comes with Christianity is thatthere is no proof of life after death. Most people fear death andthey happen to join Christianity to find answers but we really do notknow if there is life after death. In the martin Luther letter toBirmingham, he says that frustration comes to break our faith ortrust. When one fails to find meaning in the existence of somethingthat cannot be proved (KingJr, et al. 1992).


Itis evident that religion tends to either facilitate our search ofmeaning or it frustrates. From the above statements, it is clear tosay that religion is useful to one who sees the need of it. Peoplewho need proof of existence tend to think that religion is just awaste of time.


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