Religion in Ancient Egypt/Nubia

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Religionin Ancient Egypt/Nubia

Religionin Ancient Egypt/Nubia

Religionin the ancient Egyptian society played a critical in civilizationbecause it presented an opportunity for people to interact and shareideas. People appealed to gods for help through prayer. With thedecline of pharaoh, the society had to rely majorly on religion formany things, especially in cultural aspects. Egyptians are known formany things, including development of education and the works of artsuch as drawings and sculptures(Schulz 78).The current system of administration globally where people areexpected to pay taxes originated from the Egyptian religiouspractices because worshipers were supposed to pay the priestssomething to receive blessings. Additionally, the mummy was placedclose to a cemetery just near the gods alter to seek blessings. Rawas considered the most powerful supernatural being who delegatedsome powers to the king, who in turn was to rule and regulate humanbehaviour. The idea of delegation of powers, which features stronglyin the modern organization behaviour originated from the Egyptianreligious beliefs. The writings were recorded in the pyramid texts,which included the collections of various spells that were inscribedon the walls of majestic pyramids. These writings were often copiedon papyrus before being sold to the common people in society as oneway of spreading cultural ideas to the entire society. The idea ofinterdependence originated from the Egyptian culture because religionwas intertwined with political affairs. In fact, interdependence isoften cited as a counter-evidence of religion where critics blame itfor the failures of many earlier political systems because separationof secular matters and religions issues complicated the relationshipsof various units in society. However, this counter-evidence does notdefeat the fact that religion had a positive impact because religionplayed a major role in promoting political affairs in the ancientEgyptian society.


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