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Thepresence of women can be characterized by their attitudes as well asthe activities they can either willingly do or unable to do. All theactions she does have a direct contribution to her presence. A woman,therefore, has to watch her image. To a woman, her appearance beforepeople and especially men can determine how successful her life willbe. In contrast, the treatment of a man to a woman depends on how theman has surveyed the woman. Men can pretend to be in a position to dowhat they can’t manage to do. They know how women want to betreated through their actions either directly or indirectly. Thetreatment of herself by herself enables the women to know the partthat men survey in them so that her presence is complete.

Thefall of Adam and Eve came about when they realized that they arenaked. The nakedness gave rise to opportunities of painting the womennudes. The woman is viewed by the men spectators and the samespectators make the judgment. Women may not be naked as many mayperceive them to be. The nakedness arises from the point of view ofthe spectator.

TheVenus and Cupid image as per Berger is a painting based on tradition.The picture shows the mistresses King appearing as if she is staringat whoever spectator who is staring at her naked image. The nakednessseems not to express the feelings of the mistress it expresses theway she submitted herself toward the painting and the one who ownedher. This made other men and women who saw the painting envy theowner of the painting.

Bergerconcludes that though naked and nude may seem the same they are toodistinct from one another. He explains naked is the way one seeshimself or herself, but nude comes from the way other people view youwithout your concern. If a naked body will be treated as an object,it becomes a nude. He further explains that naked has no disguise,but once the naked image has been into a display and disguised in anymanner, it becomes a dressing mode and not a form of nakedness.

Themain ideas or issues raised in this reading are the use of the wordsnaked and nude in arts. The use of these words in the artisticprofession may be very different from the way the other viewers takethe image they see. Viewers, therefore, ought to know the intentionof the painter before making a conclusion of the image as to naked ornude.

Thesocial importance of nude and naked is that the painter has an optionof having a strong relationship between him and the woman he ispainting to an extent that they become inseparable from one another.Viewers as well have to think past the lines of sexuality and relatethe nudes and naked to the traditional art of painting.

Personally,I have gained by understanding the clear differentiation betweennudes and naked. This will help me analyze any painting I come acrosswhether it’s nude or naked thereby avoiding making misinformedconclusions.

Iextensively used the applied and affective strategies inunderstanding this comprehension and that is the reason why I wasable to draw the difference between nude and naked as well as relateit o the artistic traditional use.

Iagree on the assertions of Berger that the paintings have taken adifferent turn where the loved women are painted by their husbands.For instance, the painting made by Rubens that he painted his secondwife can be used in TV shows that have plenty to do with fashion anddesign.

Reflective Essay

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Firstly,thefoundation of human language allows communication about physicalthings that presently are around people. Language in early times wasspecifically directed to speak about concrete matters surroundingpeople or out there in the environment. Language is also accompaniedby gesture, thus the communication is also non-verbal. Aspects ofnon-verbal communication allow better understanding of what is passedacross to either people or animals. However, there has to be anaspect of repetitiveness over time to allow understanding bynon-humans, in this case, dogs. This element is found in poetry,where rhythm and alliteration is used to create the mood of the poem.It is this repeated word, being used by Jaren, which make the dogScout jump up from the comfort of the carpet.

Poetryfor Dogs

Useof concrete elements in language, in a repetitive way, allowsdissemination of a substantial amount of information even to Scout.Words that depict what is edible to the dog carry a heavier meaningto the dog arousing its smelling sense. By the repetition of the wordbird, Scout lifts her head from the carpet sniffing around andlooking outside. She relates what she has just heard to theenvironment, where birds come from. Even the mention of the word dearwakes her up and she rises in pursuit of the deer. Jaren the poet,uses words effectively to create a landscape that surrounds theirhouse to cause even the mother to be interested in that piece of work(Vetulani and Uszkoreit, 2009).

Useof simple imagery attracts Jaren’s mother and Scout not only to bespectators but also participators. This is despite the fact that shehad expressed her inability to comprehend the meaning and structureof a poem due to its complexity. Use of the word deer in the hearingof Scout make her growl and grow restless. This reaction is as aresult of a familiar word she has heard over time. As a result, shelets out a glass-rattling bark that only confirms the speculation ofJaren’s mother, she likes Jaren’s poems. The use of familiarworks ends up creating a simple version of a concrete poem. Furtheruse of words like bones repetitively allows the dog to be competentin relating of poetry and environment (Vetulani and Uszkoreit, 2009).

Althoughthe dog is not able to use grammar perse, she effectively paysattention to the conversation going on between Jaren and the mother.The concrete poem makes it possible for the dog to be fairlycompetent with the concrete human language. When the dog is exposedto training, the dogs can learn the meaning of more than 150 words.This learning, therefore, makes them high achievers in the area oflearning and understanding. This is evident during a conversation,when Scout in her expressive face reflects an intense effort tocommunicate and understand. Scout can even do better by listening toa language-instruction DVD, using headphones (Vetulani and Uszkoreit,2009).


Draftinga poem for Scout calls for use of familiar words with which one canrelate. This includes words like bone, squirrel, walk, bird and deer,words that are used to instruct her in her everyday life. Repeatingsuch words more often puts emphasis which creates a rhythm in hermind. Her attention is drawn and her face becomes more intent in aninquisitive way. This makes her woof softly as the repetition ofwords becomes more poetic. This occurrence is able to help both thedog and her host share a moment of almost perfect understanding, tothe thoughts of deer and birds. The poetry is able to thus achieveits purpose, becoming poetry for dogs.


Vetulani,Z. and Uszkoreit, H. (2009). HumanLanguage Technology. Berlin:SpringerLink host.

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