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Professionin health care as the best option

Choosinga career is quite challenging, but it gives scholars an opportunityto determine the type of duties they will be doing for the rest oftheir lives. On my part, there are three major factors that have mademe decide to move forward with a career in health care. First, I feelthat a career in health care is more challenging, but yet satisfying.It is satisfying because I have always wanted to work in the healthcare sector and get the opportunity to serve other people.

Secondly,the path for professional and career advancement in the field ofhealth care is quite clear. According to IDEA (2015) the majority ofemployers in the health care sector find it cost-effective to promotetheir internal employees rather than hiring new ones. In addition,employers are, in most cases, willing to training employees in orderto accelerate their career advancement.

Third,the field of health care present graduates with the opportunity tochoose whether they want to work with others or work alone (IDEA,2015). This implies that graduates have the opportunity to select thework setting that best suits their personalities, interests, andskills.

Areaof choice

Thereare two reasons why a managerial position in the health care sectoris the best option. First, a managerial job is more emotionallyrewarding. For example, a manager ensures that the annual budgetallocates adequate resources to all departments and help nurses anddoctors offer quality care (Alyson, 2014). Secondly, managers in thehealth care sector will continue enjoying job security in the futuremore than other professionals. According to Alyson (2014) jobpositions in health care management will increase by 22 % by the year2022, which mean that the demand for health care managers willcontinue increasing.


Acareer in the health care sector is more satisfying and worthpursuing. In addition, professionals in the health care sector havemore opportunities to advance their career. However, professionalsworking in the area of management have more benefits than otheremployees.


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