Reflection Respiratory Care Program

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Reflection:Respiratory Care Program

Reflection:Respiratory Care Program

Therespiratory care program focuses on diagnosis as well as treatment ofdisorders that affect the respiratory system directly or indirectly.This paper will analyze the Respiratory Care Program that wasorganized by the Better Breathing Club on the topic “PulmonaryFunction Testing”.

Lessonsfrom the experience

Thereare two major lessons learned from the pulmonary function testing)program. First, pulmonary function tests provide an accurate measureof the effectiveness of the respiratory system. This makes thepulmonary function testing a reliable procedure for diagnosingmultiple diseases that affect the respiratory system. Secondly, thetest is a recommended a part of the routine medical assessment, whichimplies that the test is not only performed to those that are sick.


Ihad three major preconceptions about respiratory care beforeundertaking the project. First, I believed that wheezing is areliable measure of airflow obstructions. However, I have to changethis conception after learning that wheezing is not a reliableindicator of air obstruction in older children and infants, whichleads to under-recognition of air obstruction. Secondly, I held thatintermittent positive-pressure breathing is a reliable method ofoffering aerosol medication to patients, but I learned that there areother effective and time saving methods of delivering medication toclients suffering from respiratory problems.

Incorporatingthe experience into the goals for the future

Preventivecare has been gaining significance since it is one of the strategiesthat can be used to reduce the cost of health. Using pulmonaryfunction testing as part of routine medical checkup can help in earlydetection of respiratory illnesses, thus avoiding the cost oftreating chronic respiratory problems. Therefore, this experiencegained from the program will be included in the future preventivecare program.

Impactof the experience on view of respiratory care as a profession

Fromthe program’s experience, respiratory care is a broach and anexciting profession that is worth pursuing. It gives one anopportunity to diagnose and treatment of sleeping, heart, and lungdisorders.


Inconclusion, the future programs should create more time for students’engagement from planning to the implementation stage in order tomotivate and enhance learning. In addition, future programs shouldonly focus on critical activities and eliminate the obvious as wellas those that require common knowledge in order to create time forthose that are more significant.

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