Recommendation Letter

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January,14 2016


{Recipientor chief’s name}


Dear&nbsp{Nameof the chief}:



I am writing to recommend Aniafor a position in your fire department. I have had the privilege towork in the Houston firefighter for three years. I have known Aniafor four years since she became part of the fire departmentworkforce, and I have had the chance of observing her activelifestyle. Ania is a well-rounded individual who loves extending herhelp to others whenever she can. She is very objective in her tasks,and I believe her personality traits and skills will prove to be anasset to the fire department.

I know that strength andendurance are important aspects of being a good and efficientfirefighter since they cultivate the capacity to work well underpressure. For the time I have known Ania, She has dedicated herselfto being in peak physical strength, often spending three hours a dayworking out in addition to her training. She has been doing this fromthe time she got an opportunity of becoming a Houston Firefighter.Such great level of personal discipline reflects an individual whohas the capacity of discharging her duties with very minimumsupervision. I believe it also one of the highest levels ofself-motivation and it is evident that she will not provide anynegative attitude towards firefighting. Another important aspect ofher behavior which I take to be in line with the operations of thefire department is her ability to get along with other people easily.Ania is friendly, and she makes friends easily. One attribute of thefire department workers is the ability to work together in a team,and they cannot do so without being friendly and objective. Ania willbe a strong team member and motivation for many workers.

Ibelieve Ania’s qualifications are well above that of otherapplicants. Her mental fortitude and physical fitness are essentialelements that she harbors to be a dedicated firefighter, and it isnot easy to find a candidate with such an apt combination. Herclear-headedness and objective approach makes her stand out. Irecommend her to the position and please do not hesitate to contactme on this matter.


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