Reasons For Poor Grades, and Strategy to Improve My GPA

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ReasonsFor Poor Grades, and Strategy to Improve My GPA


ReasonsFor Poor Grades, And Strategy to Improve My GPA

WhenI relocated to the United States from China, the move was a dreamcome true as it marked the chance to further my studies in (insertyour Major). It has remained a dream to study in one of the renowneduniversities in the United States, and the chance was achieved when Ijoined MSU University. However, my time and transition from China tothe United States has not been smooth and has had an adverse effecton my studies. My academic performance has not been satisfactory asit should be hence the reason behind the recess from the university.Being my first semester at the university, different factors havebeen behind my unsatisfactory performance.

QuestionI: Reasonsbehind Poor Academic Performance

Movingfrom China to the united marked a change in culture as well aschanges in the way education system are designed. The differences inthe ways schooling in the United States and China are conducted was ahandle towards settling in the United States. For example, some ofthe classes were supposed to be taken online a platform that was notfamiliar to me hence difficult in adjusting to it. This contributedto poor grades in classes, hence the unsatisfactory academic report.More so, the change in the cultural aspect between China and USA wascompounded by difficulties in the language barrier. English has beenmy second language, hence it has been a hard time to communicate andunderstand the classes. This has hampered my academic performance. Mypoor academic performance was worsened by falling sick during thefinal week. This contributed largely to the poor grades recorded inmy first semester.

QuestionII: Strategyto Address my Past Academic Performance

Despitea hard time in my first semester, I still look forward to turning myperformance around and score better grades in my future classes. Inorder to achieve improved and better grades, I have dedicated toworking harder than before. This will be achieved through attendingextra English classes to ensure I have a better languageunderstanding, which will improve my understanding of my classes andeffective communication. In addition, I will also make it my habit toattend all classes on time, always take notes during class time, andalso do my homework on time. Lastly, I have also planned to seekprofessional advice to help in navigating my problems as a foreignstudent. I will also make it a routine to always talk with my TA andthe professors to ensure I understand what is required of me in everyclass. This will, in turn, help in improving my GPA in my futureclasses.

QuestionIII: AlternativePlan In Case Reinstatement Is Denied

Beingmy first semester, I kindly request for another chance to prove myskills in my major, now that I have already settled in the newcountry, language and culture. However, in case my request is deniedby the university, I would relocate back to China and focus workingin father’s company for an internship.

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