Reasons for Low GPA, And How to Improve Previous Academic Performance

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Reasonsfor Low GPA, And How to Improve Previous Academic Performance


Reasonsfor Low GPA, And How to Improve Previous Academic Performance

Eversince my young age in China, I have always dreamt of achieving thebest in education. This included attending one of the renowneduniversities in the United States. My dream was realized when I wasadmitted to MSU university, one of the renowned universities in theUnited States. However, things have not been easy for me in theuniversity as my academic performance has not yet been to the best asit should. This has been due to diverse factors ranging from a changein culture as well as the new education system.

Question1ReasonsWhy My Past Academic Performance Has Not Been Satisfactory

SinceI came to the United States, it has taken me some time to settle intothe new country, which has adversely affected my academic performancein the university. One of the major contributing factors for the poorgrades is the fact biology hasn’t and was not my favorite subject.I was not good at it during my high school time, hence developeddisinterest. This adversely affected by the performance, especiallyin science classes. Being an international student, I haddifficulties with science technique words as well as English being mysecond language contributed to poor performance. Being away fromhome, as well as the difference in cultural aspects between china andthe United States made it hard for me to settle quickly in the UnitedStates.

Withreference to the past semester I have recorded an improvement interms of grades, however, there still remains a lot to be done tomaintain high-level performance in all my classes. This semesterspecifically, I have adopted an improved study habit, which has inturn helped in improving my performance. It is in my believed that,if the school administration gives me a second chance, I would be ina position to improve further in my grades and GPA as I adapt to aneffective study strategy. However, if this is interrupted with a2-year recess it would take me another time to reestablish aneffective study habit. In some of my classes, the professor hascommented on my performance, such as the WRA150, and hence given moretime, I am sure I will be able to perform better and score good marksto turn round the poor grades into an overall good GPA.

Question2Strategiesto Address My Past Academic Performance

Inorder to achieve the best grades as well as maximize my classperformance, I have devised an effective strategy to help inreversing the past academic performances. In order to be well-versedwith the classes, it is my routine to always attend the classes andon time, take notes during class time, and always to engage myprofessor in case I encounter any difficulties. In addition, I havealso decided to take extra steps in learning the English languagewhich would help me not only in communicating but also to effectivelyunderstand my professors. This will be achieved by ensuring I havelearned new vocabulary/words (at least 10 in a day). Finally, I havealso devised and effective time management and maximize my day. Myday will be running from 7 am to 10 pm, as I will quit playing videogames which have been taking my precious time especially my freetime. This will, in turn, enable me to have addition time for myclasses and studies and hence an improved academic performance.

Question3WhatI Would Do In Case My Reinstatement Is Denied

Incase my request for a reinstatement is denied by the university, Iwould take the time to improve my English language. In addition, Iwill also use the time preparing for the time am back in school toensure I perform to the best of my ability, having navigated all theprevious problems such as homesickness, and English languageunderstanding.

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