Reality and Fiction Difference

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Realityand Fiction Difference



Realityand Fiction Difference

Thedifference between the truth and fiction debate argued over the yearswith the comparisons and contradictions do not consist a singularanswer as to which is more important than the other. What is themargin of difference between the two terms if it does exist? Storiesare meant to tell a fact from some experience but on the other endthe use of stories can be taken advantage of telling the fiction thatcome up in our thoughts. The case of O’Brien in telling the warfiction within a story is one kind of a fictional story that helpsexplain facts and fiction.

Thequestion of how important fiction and reality vary in our lives israther on personally determined. However, different stories haveargued the effects of fiction and reality and among them is thefamous war story told by O’Brian, “The Things They Carried”that holds much more on the impact of facts and fiction. Reality doesnot require to be proof, unlike the fiction. In the review of thenovel by Kaufmann (2011), O’Brian has different comparisons betweenthe reality and fiction effects using the effect of the Vietnam War(Kaufmann, 2011). The effects of the war are always left to affectthe soldiers despite their survival. Hence, the actual effect of whatreality have on human more than the visionary fiction read in novelsand watched movies.

Innovationsand originality are important aspects of life that human life triesto balance at all cost in their life. However, the balance betweenthe two factors is capacitated by the ability to blend both fictionand reality in life. It would be prudent to concur that according toO’Brien, fiction is relevant for the creativity part of our lives.Additionally, fiction helps human turn the fictional thinking into areality that need prove of experimentation. Through the discovery ofnew problem-solving methods and better ways of living are just but afew advantages of fiction. The use of fiction enabled O’Brien toshare his thoughts as a character in the book and years later he hascome out to admit that his work was fictional. There are advantagesof fictions in comparison to the reality however, the level ofutilization differs in the resulting effect.

Themorality of individuals and the societies is affected by the fictioncontent in the disposal. The fictional content that has been ondistribution ranging from the video, television programs and the mostcommonly novel has greatly affected the moral background of thesociety. According to Aguilar (2013), through fiction, creativity isenhanced and finally the development of new inventions. Fiction moldscharacter and hence cannot be deemed not to be important in thesociety Aguilar, 2013). The use of fiction in the war story byO’Brien makes a perfect example of how the world’s morality isinfluenced by the use of fiction as it helps him tell the world thetruth about the effect of war on the soldiers.

Additionallythe use of fiction is used to bring out the real world in the eyes ofthe human in various ways without creating speculations about givensituation. Fiction always has some truth concept in it before therepresentation of the world. Through the mixture of the reality andfictions by O’Brien, the writer gives his real character throughthe novel in which people get to know him better as a person. Thesame concept has been borrowed for many years to bring out the secretinventions in the world through the use of different methodscurrently common in the release of movies. The human mind creativityand imagination have in the past presented to the world through theuse of written materials such as that of O’Brien (Kaufmann, 2011).The ability to present the world with the visionary ideas eitherthrough the written script or movies helps create and build the humancreativity hence the advance input of fiction cannot be ignored inthe development of human.

Thehistorical moment of war as brought out by O’Brien in the novel getmarked with conflicts and confusion in the unfolding events of thewar. Memory has an impact when the need to present facts arises andnothing can be made up for the reality to be known which is only butthe truth. The inconsistent nature of events presentation in thenovel has a little twist on the memories of the war. The use of thestories in a fiction manner helps keep the dead alive according toO’Brien hence the importance of memory. According to O’Brien, hisdreaming about Linda has kept her memories in his mind for yearsthrough the fiction of keeping her memories when she was alive(Kaufmann, 2011). Though the ability to keep the memory of thesepeople, it would be quite impossible to bring them back to lifedespite the fact.

Additionallythe effect of memories is symbolic of the death of the war soldiers.According to Waugh (2013), through immortalizing the life of soldiersin fictional storytelling, O’Brien shows his fight against thereality of the physical loss of the soldiers in war as well as wouldbe for the loved ones. The recurring memories of killing a youngsoldier keeps disturbing the character, O’Brien through his entirelife hence the impact of what memories can do to the human reality(Waugh, 2013). Through the effect of memories of the war and thekilling, the conclusion would be that they form an important part ofthe growth and development of every human on earth ignored.

Additionallythe memories are the main source of storytelling and the developmentof the human from one stage of life to another. The memories ofVietnam War and Linda make the story by O’Brien clearer to getunderstood in the reality. The use of the Vietnam War and the unclearmemories of the unstructured events created in the story hold sometruth in them hence the effect of memory on the real events of life(McGonigal, 2011). The emotional effect of the story told whetherfactual or fictional determines the reality of the war in Vietnam.

Inconclusion, the importance of the facts and fiction in the life ofthe human are dependent on the impact they play in their lives.Ironically, the author, Tim O’Brien use of a fictional character,O’Brien shows the similarity between the reality and fiction inlife. However, fiction is one important aspect of our life that wecannot choose to ignore. Despite what kind of

fiction,there is some sense of speculated reality.


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