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‘’WinterDaydreams” is a basically a blend of different forms or genres. Itbegins with the orchestrawhich forms the introductory part of thesong. The next genre is the Russian folk song which is referred toas ‘’ The Gardens Blooms’’ which changes the lugubrious themeof the introduction to a triumphant and festive music. Then adazzling symphony follows which the Russian folk song. Three genretherefore exist in the song the Orchestra, Russian folk song and thesymphony.


Thecomposer of ‘’Winter Daydreams” song is a Russian native knownas Pyotr llyich Tchaikovsky born in 1840 and then he later died in1893. Tchaikovsky had a law degree but interestingly he left hiscareer in order to pursue music. He joined the St. PetersburgConservatory and after graduating, he was hired as one of the initialfaculty members of the Russian Music Society which was later renamedthe Moscow Conservatory. At the Conservatory, Tchaikovsky was taughtby Nokolai Rubinstein who was also the director of the society andhis brother Anton Rubintein. It can be stated that the brutalapproach of teaching adopted by both brothers assisted Tchaikovsky tobuild a good career in music. The two brothers however believed inTchaikovsky capability as a composer. Nokolai Rubinstein thereforepersuaded him to write his first full length symphony based on thefact that this was the rights of passage for an aspiring composer.


The knowledge of the musical error does have an influence to aperformer. The era of the composition was the classical error 17thCentury, where certain rules and regulations of performance andcomposition were developed as a result they were to be strictlyfollowed. When performing one should put into consideration theexisting rules. Tchaikovsky at first experienced a challenge in thelaid down rules of composition, however he later had follow them inorder for his composition to be exclusive.


Doolin,C and Orpheus Music Prose, 2015, ‘’Winter Daydreamers’’Symphony No 1. Orpheus

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