Qualities of a Good Nurse

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Qualitiesof a Good Nurse


Oneof the qualities of a good nurse I have significantly improved on isemotional stability. All human beings are traumatized by situationssuch as death and suffering of others. I am not an exception.However, in the Nursing profession, someone needs to be veryemotionally stable in all conditions and experiences (Sellman, 2011).My emotions are stabilizing every day. I am getting used to thesituation as am not letting the matters get personal. However, it isnot an easy journey. Am hoping to keep focused, manage the tasks andremain thorough understanding that it is a crisis I should learn tohandle. Through my profession, I face worse situations every day.They are making me stronger, and soon I will be completelyemotionally stable.

Inaddition, I have improved on my dedication to the profession. Havingjoined the career out of inspiration through my mentor, I hardly knewwhat was in store for me. At one point I felt I was misplaced, but Ihave learnt the importance of dedication. In the nursing profession,dedication not only important, but also a necessity for a successfulcareer (Sellman, 2011). Out of dedication I have the compassion tocare for the sick and to give compassion to them. Currently, I feelit is the best profession and every day I seek to show somecompassion to more people and to nurse more. I desire to keepdedicated to my profession and that way I will be a quality nursealways.

Moreover,I have greatly worked on to be a good communicator. As a shyindividual, I had fewer platforms to express myself. Worse still,hardly did I speak on behalf of others. As a nurse, I learn that I aman advocate for my patients (Sellman, 2011). I do not only learn tospeak for myself, but also on behalf of others. As of now I canconfidently bridge the gap between the patient and the health careproviders. I have the confidence to express the needs of my clients.The experience will build the quality of advocacy in all situations.


Sellman,D. (2011). Whatmakes a good nurse? Why the virtues are important for nurses. London:Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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