Putting Labels on Sexual Orientation

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PuttingLabels on Sexual Orientation

Thesociety people live in today has a lot of changes that they need toaccept and support by all means. The changes came as a result ofimprovement in democracies, advancement in technology and others. Inthis regard, other changes have also made way to the limelight. Amongthe changes are those regarding sexual orientation among people. Thismeans that currently, it is not only a matter of man and woman beingin a relationship but even people of similar sexes can relate. It hastherefore created the groups such as Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexualsamong others. Although it took the society a long time for people toaccept, it is finally gaining ground that they accept. Similarly,there is need therefore for people to avoid labeling theseindividuals using their respective sexual orientations. Differentcultures, therefore, should, therefore, refer to homosexuals andheterosexuals as sexual preferences rather than labels. There arevarious reasons in support of this statement (Newton, 2009).

First,different cultures in the world have accepted the fact thathomosexuals and heterosexuals exist and are a formal way of relating.According to various studies, there are those countries that havegone a step of sidelining such individuals in the society. In thisspirit, they have created a mentality of the people that homosexualsand heterosexuals are a disgrace to their community. They do notaccept the fact that the people have a right just like other peopleof sexually relating with any person they feel, provided both of themare in agreement. Also, it is a way of embracing versatility in thecommunity. It brings the change the world needs (Borllstorff, 2007).

Second,the homo and heterosexuals are a group of individuals whom tworulings of the Supreme Court found to be engaging in no offense. Theyare recognized by the president of the United States and hisgovernment. If a person is not doing anything wrong legally, they areresponsible citizens who uphold the rule of law sexual orientationshould not be a matter of prejudice and judgment. People shouldtherefore not call them as homosexuals nor heterosexuals. Such a movewill, therefore, mean that they are doing it illegally. Masses needto be aware of this assertion (Borllstorff, 2007).

Third,it will be an act of discrimination when it happens that the peopleengaging in same sex marriages and relationships are recognizeddistinctively as special groups. It will mean that the society hasnot accepted the fact to the maximum and still has some questions.There are those Americans who still hold it that the same-sexpartners need different treatment from the straight people. It is amentality that should be rooted out of the people and equalityexercised in all spheres (Newmahr, 2011).

Additionally,there needs to be equity and equality in all segments of life. If aperson feels that they will be right when they become sexual partnerswith people of the same sex, then they need that right. There shouldnot be any calls of manner that describe the individuals using namessuch as homosexuals or heterosexuals. Such a move might spark outrageamong the concerned parties to the extent that the effects can bedevastating. Due to this, the society at large should embraceequality by treating people of all forms of sexual orientationsequal. It should extend up to all other places where same-sexmarriage is usually condemned in high manners (Newton, 2009).

Puttinglabels on the individuals is also a form of the tag name. When anindividual walks around, wherever they go, everybody will beidentifying them. This lowers their dignity so much that they alsohave lower self-esteem. They lose trust in themselves and beginassociating with loneliness. When an individual embraces loneliness,they can easily run into decisions that have undesirable effects.Such decisions can impact negatively the people who depend on suchlike individuals. Some can even commit suicide due to being brandedsuch names. People, therefore, need to create a form of appreciatingsuch people. It works better without any form of discrimination(Newmahr, 2011).

Labelingan individual with a name that associates with their sexualorientation can also drive people with malicious plan to execute themwithout any fear. There are countries in the world where the same-sexpartners live in hiding. When discovered that they take place in suchacts, the individuals can easily be killed by the people. Murderingthem is criminal although there are those countries where same-sexmarriages and relationships are illegal. In some, it is punishable bydeath and even stoning (Newton, 2009).

Civilsocieties and other human rights organizations need to step campaignagainst the use of such names. People, governments, and others shouldbe made aware of using languages and names that are neutral. Theyshould consider referring to the individuals in a manner that doesnot increase curiosity. Such a move will assist much in arriving atsolutions to why discrimination has increased in the recent pastagainst these groups of people. With this in mind, the issue oflabeling will end, and people exercise their freedom in a justsociety (Newmahr, 2011)


Furthermore,there is a need for the people to understand the need and fight theyhave put together discourage people from using racially sensitiveexpressions and languages. It means that the same advancements madetowards eradicating the use of such language should be directedtowards the fight against sexual orientation statements. In thisregard, the society should embrace the use of sexual orientation morethan homosexuals and heterosexuals. Studies show that such moves canlead to poor relationships and coexistence among individuals.Prejudice and malice will be very high amid high levels ofdiscrimination today (Newton, 2009).

Thesociety understands well the effort that people have fought to enablethe recognition of the same marriage relationships. After the hardtackle, people need to embrace them by not referring to them usingthe specific names of their groups. In this regard, the changes willimprove coexistence and make America be a country that leads byexample. Others that look upon it will follow suit and eventually, noforms of discrimination, mistreatment and others will be reported(Borllstorff, 2007).

Summingup, the society is composed of members having liberal minds andthought. If they reason keenly, they will identify a great deal oflogic in this assertion. The homo and heterosexuals should beidentified and sexual orientation of the people involved. They havechosen to follow their orientation. Such a move will calm down thefears that are there in the world among the members. In some cases,they need to fear for their lives. However, there are calls fornormalization the groups that have already born fruits in America.Other regions in the world should follow suit.


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