Public Relations Plan

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PublicRelations Plan

PublicRelations Plan

Apublic relations plan in a health care facility provides a roadmapfor promoting and marketing health promotion activities. A moreaggressive public relations plan increases the effectiveness ofhealth promotion and enhances the outcomes. It provides the meansthrough which the facility is able to access and respond to healthcare needs in the community. A public relations program is supportedby an efficient and well organized communication system that ensureseffective communication between the facility and community in orderto identify high risk populations (Johnson, 2007).

Anaggressive public relations plan in a community health promotionshould be able to identify specific audience mainly high riskindividuals and populations, emphasize on events and campaigns thatincrease awareness and identify appropriate themes and materials tobe used in the health care promotion program. Additionally, thepublic relation plan need to identify and appreciate the efforts ofother actors in health promotion and community based organizations toenhance collaborations. The plan should also identify ways ofeducating the public and motivating them to participate in the healthpromotion program (Berkowitz, 2011). The mass media plays a criticalrole in dissemination of essential health information. The publicrelations plan should have an effective plan to enhance therelationship between the facility or health promotion implementersand the media. For example, press releases, news conferences, newspapers and magazine articles and story leads can have asignificant impact on how the public perceive the program or theamount of information in the public domain about the program. Theplan will also involve pursuing opportunities for partnerships andalliances with other stakeholders and supporters to facilitate theorganization of community health promotion activities and events(Harris, 2013).


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