Politics and Islam

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Politicsand Islam

Politicsand Islam

Religionis an important element in the public thinking about various aspectsthat influence policy matters. With recent development in the globalarena, a majority of people perceive Islam as a religion that supportand propagates violence (Kumar, 2014). The public has always beendivided on whether churches should get involved in politics Even somany people recognize the influence of religion on politics is not aphenomenon that is solely found in the Islamic world (PewResearch Center, 2015).Many theorists in politics and sociology have underpinned the rolethat Islam plays in the public lives of all Muslims. The immenseinfluence that Islam has on the politics of Islamic states can belinked to the strong proclivity of the populace towards Islam

Itis eminent that all legal systems require a form of government toexecute policies and a mechanism to enforce it. The Sharia Law needsa government for its application and sanctions. Islam is an essentialand necessary element of Muslim’s culture and he Sharia Law mustoperate in a political platform so that its effects in the countrycan be used to shape the actions and social life of the public(Kumar, 2014). The Sharia Laws is used in to form the code ofconduct and legal framework. It is the application of the ShariaLaws, whose principles are developed from the Holy Quran, that thepolitical class is able to influence the culture and social life ofthe community (Taylor,2015).One of the key factors in Islamic States is the concept of adherenceand commitment of the government and state to the contents of theIslam. This has created room where government and politicians areable to manipulate and influence the country culture and norms, andanyone who deviates from the established values and principles areseverely punished (Tessler,2013).

Emergenceof Political Islam

PoliticalIslam emerged as a consequence of convergences of economic andpolitical development. Imperial powers, especially the United Stateshave played an active role in supporting and sponsoring sectariangroups that have completely destabilized the many of the countries inthe Middles (Kumar, 2014). Even so, the inconsistent application ofIslamic Laws has given rise to sectarian groups that year forpolitical equality and s share of the economic cake (oil and otherresources). Politics during the cold war left the Middle East dividedand with different Islamic groups that were fighting for control andauthority in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq (Taylor,2015).

Thedevelopment of economic crises in some countries in the Middle East,that state capitalist approaches were incapable of addressinggenerating inequality and inter-clan and ethnic wars (Taylor,2015).The Islamic groups supported by Western countries who were determinedto undermine government opposed to democracy, through theirwidespread networks of charitable outlets were in a position toprovide Islamic solution and expand by using Islam to recruit youngmen from middle classes and other sections of the society (Kumar,2014). Even today Islam is being used as a tool of advancingdifferent agendas by various Islamic groups. In actual fact the onlyaspects that unify all sectarian and terrorist groups in the MiddleEast and the whole globe has been Islam.In reality groups likeISIS are determined to create Islamic states and eliminate othergroups that do not profess Islam.


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