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In pluralism form of governance, there is recognition of the variousgroups such as religious groups, professional bodies, minority groupsand trade unions who share power. In other words, the power is notconcentrated within an elite group of people. allows thegovernment to make decisions but there is great influence from thevarious interest groups in the decision making process (Hoefer,2014). The interest groups determine the decision that is normallyarrived at. It is essential to note that pluralism works well in ademocratic form of government such as the one for the United States.

In a power elite theory, socialists hold the view that the power ingovernment is held by a few elite people who are wealthy and are fromthe same social class. In this theory, decision making process in thegovernment is under the control of the elite group. Research hasindicated that the elite groups are independent of the politicalprocesses (Hoefer, 2014). This is a system which is the exactopposite of pluralism where every social group is assumed tocontribute to the decision making process in government.

Considering that America is a country that champions for freedom,pluralism would best fit in the American government. There arenumerous interest social groups such minority groups, trade unions,professional bodies and ethnic groups who would wish that their ideasand opinions be included in government policies. In Suffolk County, apower elite system would be more appropriate (Hoefer, 2014). This isbecause there are fewer social groups in the state most of theagitation by these groups is at the national level. It is alsoevident that the local leaders are more likely to know each other dueto the close proximity. This is likely to influence who is appointedto the government positions.


Hoefer, R. (2014).&nbspPolicy creation and evaluation:Understanding welfare reform in the United States.New York: Oxford University Press.

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