Please discuss why your academic performance has not been satisfactory in the past

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Pleasediscuss why your academic performance has not been satisfactory inthe past

Iwould like to bring to your attention that I had problematicroommates who interrupted my study ability significantly. I shared aroom with three other classmates. One of the colleagues play veryloud music which one can neither study nor sleep. Besides, the otherroommate is a drug addict. He drinks almost every day, and he becomesextremely violent when he is intoxicated. In many cases, we hadconflict with him, as he is provocative when in the drunken state.Secondly, he is a notorious racist. He invites his friends to takealcohol in our room. They make a lot of noise as well as make me feeldemeaned as they refer to me as a “fucking Asian.”.

I understand it isnot legal to take alcohol in our dormitories, but the roommate andhis colleagues do not give hoot regarding the consequences that mayarise in case they are caught breaking the law. Consequently, I feltscared and unsafe because I know the entire group is composed ofdaredevils who would not refrain to injure me in case they had areason to justify the punishment. I often felt stressed up andunable to study effectively because of intense fear. I feltstressed-up and homesick due to the hatred of the colleagues suchthat I was unable to study. The fear affected me so much on the finalweek of the exams such that I had to visit a psychologist whodiagnosed me with anxiety.


Anotherreason that contributed significantly to my poor performance is thefact that I am an international student. I began learning in Englishjust after enrolling in an American campus. Language barrier hasreally been a big program. In addition, this is my first time to livealone abroad. Subsequently, I have experienced many problemsincluding homesickness and severe stress that have affected myperformance drastically.


Pleasepropose an action plan/strategies to address your past academicperformance.

However,I would like to request that you allow me to continue with myeducation in MSU since I have developed an elaborate action plan tohelp me overcome the problems that were holding me back previously.First, I have found an apartment outside the university where I willbe staying alone, so I will have the space I need for my personalstudies. This will ensure the same problem will not recur in thefollowing year.


Ifyour request for reinstatement is denied, what do you plan to doduring your

periodof recess?

Incase my reinstatement request will not go through, I plan to go backhome in China and enroll in an English class or seek internship toimprove my language.

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