Plato’s Crito

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Plato’s Crito

Plato’s Cristo

The text is about a conversation between Crito and Socrates, who arelongtime friends (Woods &amp Pack, 2012). Socrates is in an Athenianprison, awaiting execution when the ship bearing theexecutionerarrives. His execution is days away but he does not seembothered at all. Crito, his friend, is advising him to escape beforethe executioner arrives. He proposes that they bribe Athens prisonofficials so that Socrates. Crito argues that if Socrates does notleave, his children would suffer and people would view Crito as acoward for not helping his friend escape death. Socrates on the otherhand argues that he does not mind what the multitudes think and hewill not pay an injustice with another injustice.

The text is important because it touches on the moral fabric of themodern society. Issues such as executing prisoners are what Socrateswould call paying an injustice with another injustice. He termsescaping prison as an injustice equal to the decision by the courtsto deny him acquittal. Socrates also talks about public opinion. Theissue still affects many people in this generation. People often makedecisions based on what other people would think of them. Socratesgives the example of a medical student. The student should be moreworried of his teacher’s opinion and not that of others.

Students should read it because it touches on problems that face themin the society. A good example is peer pressure and the desire to bepopular. In Socrates’ words, student should only be worried aboutthe opinion of those that matter most. Since the world over is tryingto create a just society, it is only important that students learnabout justice because they are the leaders of tomorrow.


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