Petition for Reinstatement Question A

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Petition for Reinstatement

Question A

It is true that my academic performance has not been satisfactory inpast. I can attribute this problem to several issues that affected mystudy here in campus. First, I lived with my grandmother back athome, and I left her old and ailing. After coming to the UnitedStates, I could not help thinking about her, and I found it hard toconcentrate on my studies. Secondly, I came to the United Stateswith a goal of studying actuarial science. However, I ended upstudying hotel management. The change of expectation affected myinterest in hotel management although I have been trying to adapt toit.

Question B

I have conceived a plan that will help me in improving my performanceand reverse the trend of poor grades. I plan on changing my majorfrom hotel management to actuarial science. I believe that I willstudy actuarial science passionately since it was the major of mydream. I will also study harder than I currently do by extending thenumber of hours I study every day. I believe that this move willcontribute to a better understanding of the concepts learnt in class.Also, I will be consulting my academic advisor whenever I face aproblem in my studies. Since he is available most of the times, Iwille3xploit the opportunity to my advantage.

Question C

Should the administration turn down my offer of reinstatement, I willgo for a recess back to China. While at home, I will study my majorof choice and find an internship opportunity. I believe that thiswill contribute to an improved performance and career development.

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