Petition for Reinstatement 1.

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Petition for Reinstatement

I would like to bring to your attention several issues that Iexperienced within my study period. I had problematic roommates whointerrupted my study ability significantly. I shared a room withthree other classmates. One of the colleagues play very loud music,so I had difficulties in concentrating, neither would I study norsleep. Besides, the other roommate is a drug addict. He drank almostevery day, and he becomes extremely violent when he is intoxicated.In many cases, we had conflict with him as he is provocative when inthe drunken state.

Secondly, the same roommate is a racist, and with that level ofdiscrimination I could not find myself in the mood to settle for abetter study program. With such problems, I had to visit apsychologist, but in the final week. I tried to get professional helpbecause I felt unsafe, unhealthier and unhappy. I also felt homesick,so I wanted the best possible advice to help me get back to my feetagain.

I am an international student had language and study problem. Beingin a totally different culture, I felt uncomfortable and with thekind of roommates I had, I couldn’t get a convincing platform thatwas supposed to improve my learning. It is through people that onecan learn the language of those people. The people should be warm andreceptive, but in my case, I had rude room mates who would otherwisegive a very hard time in learning English. English as SecondLanguage, because I’m an ESL speaker. Therefore, without propergrasping of the English language, learning other subjects becamedifficult and thus my overall academic performance was affected to agreat deal.


It is my first time for me to live alone in another country so I havehad many problems.

Livingin a new environment, different customs and culture can be at timesunpleasant to the mind. It often takes time to adjust with thesettings of the native people, learn their language and hence theiracademic system as well. I feel like I need more time to adjust tothis environment.


Action plan/Strategies to improve my performance

Ihave already rented an apartment outside of university, so the samekind of problem won’t happen. I will find peace of mind and fullyconcentrate on my studies with no external disturbances from otherpeople, as it was the case with my previous roommates.

If my request for reinstatement is denied, I will go back to Chinaand maybe get an internship or study English and improve by myself. Iwould study really hard and smart so I can come back again as anexcellent student.

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