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The thoughts and the behaviors that comprise my personality are as aresult of the experiences that I had while young and throughout thevarious stages of development as postulated by Freud’s theory ofpersonality development. The personality of self-reliance that I havecan be associated with the experiences that I had at oral stage aspostulated by Freud. It is worth stating that I possess the characterof independence which is part of my personality. According to Freud’sstages of personality development, this character was acquired duringthe anal stage where children who go through the stage successfullyend up being independent even in adulthood.

Another character that I possess and that shapes my personality isthe ability to be social and interact with other people freely. Thisis a personality trait that is acquired at the latency phase from theage of 5 to11 years. This affirms the argument by Freud that thepersonality of a person is as a result of the childhood experiences.This personality trait developed as a result of interacting withpeople outside the family such as teachers and other children. Thepersonality trait of honesty, integrity and care for other people areas a result of the experiences that I had as a young child. Havinggrown up in a neighborhood where people showed compassion and carefor the less fortunate shaped my personality. The five stages namelythe oral stage, anal, phallic, latency and genital stages asdescribed by Freud are necessary in shaping the personality of aperson. Each stage, once completed successfully, engages the child invarious experiences which result in the acquisition of a behavior.The summation of the behaviors acquired in childhood end up formingthe personality of an individual.

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