Peniel Development Resources Limited

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PenielDevelopment Resources Limited


PenielDevelopment Resources (PDRC) Limited was established in October 2011as a private limited company duly registered with the CorporateAffairs Commission in Abuja, Nigeria. The company focuses on producerand consumer products, industrial products, merchandising. We aim tobecome the best organisation in processing bottled water in ahygienic environment. PDRC aims to offer excellent customer servicesto ensure success in the highly competitive markets.


Weaim to offer our esteemed customers with quality products andexcellent experience that surpasses our customer’s expectations.


Tobuild long term relationships with our customers and clients andprovide exceptional customer services by pursuing business throughinnovation and advanced technology.


AtPDRC, customer service department is responsible for excellentservices to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Our companyhas succeeded s far because of the various services we offer ourcustomers. The customer is the most valuable stakeholder in anybusiness and hence the company aims to invest heavily in training theemployees the importance of offering unique and excellent customerservices. Some of the services we offer our networks of clientsinclude:

  1. A 24-7 hour clock customer service helpdesk support: The helpdesk has enabled the company handle all arising issues such as delays with delivery, damaged goods to name but a few. The helpdesk has enabled the company meet its customer’s expectations making them loyal.

  2. Delivery services: We focus go an extra mile to offer delivery services for most of our products for customers who lack time to visit our stores. The delivery services has significantly improved our customer experience and enabled us to attract more customers.

  3. Warranty and follow-up services: We focus on enhancing our customer’s wellbeing after they have purchased our various products. Our marketing team make follow up to ensure our customers are satisfied and offer maintenance or even replacement in case of damages.


Initially,PDRC kicked off by specialising in water processing related products.However, the changing customer needs have forced the company toconsider a variety of products. Currently, some of the products wefocus on include:

  • Production of Pet bottles

  • Automated bottled water especially for teaming needs of industries, corporate organisations and even individuals.

Thecompany is focusing to venture into producing the following productsin the nearest future to expand client base and satisfy theirchanging and growing needs

  • Juice processing plants

  • Special mills such as rice, plantain, cassava and banana

  • Leather works

  • Textile works

  • Natural resource harnessing and adding value


Currently,our company is experiencing many opportunities for growth but somegrowth projects require more finances that the revenue collected cansupport. Our project portfolio is organised in such a manner that theprojects that can maximise the company’s profits are given priorityover the more complex and expensive projects. At present, the companyhas kicked off the Juice processing plant project because it isexpected to bring huge profits for running more expensive projectssuch as natural resource harnessing in the future.


PDRC’sculture is customer-oriented. Employees are taught how to embracevalues such as honesty, respect, patience and hard work to create aculture that adds value to their lives and the lives of ourconsumers. Our leaders recognise that a good and strong culture isvital in ensuring success and hence lead by example. Opencommunication is important in PDRC since it enables the establishmentof good relation not only among the employees but importantly withthe customers. Our strong culture has enables us remain consistencein offering the best experience to customers, who are not onlysatisfied but loyal.

Community,Health, Safety and Environment

Weare concerned with the safety of our community and environment. Weensure our products are produced in environmental friendly proceduresthat do not harm the communities surrounding us and our environment.In fact, our company aims to add value to our consumers’ healthstatus by ensuring they consume hygienic products such as bottledwater. We involve in community projects such as environmental cleanupto enhance community safety and health


Weare committed to creating value for our stakeholder and mostimportantly, our customers. We believe we can create value byfocusing on operational efficiency and enhanced performance. Weprovidea safe and healthy workplace for our employees, acts with integrity,and respect members of the communities in which we operate. We valuethe environment and hence act as environmental stewards by helpingsolve challenges such as water quality and availability and assist inpreventing the degradation of air quality and climate. In short, weknow we can create greater value for our shareholders and customersby bringing value to a broader group of stakeholders, including thecommunities where we work and live.


Webuild our corporate responsibility by giving back to the community.PDRCtakes part in fundraising activities, supporting the poor, financingsocial activities such as children fun days to interact and build agood reputation from the people in the community. Our responsibilityis to enhance the welfare of our customers (the members of thesociety), by providing quality products and excellent services.

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