Pencil Resistors

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Thetopic deals with finding out if the length of a pencil resistor hasan effect on the output of a given circuit (,2015).


Thebibliography for the page is as follows (, 2015)

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Thenull hypothesis for the project is as follows

N0-the length of a pencil resistor has no effect on the output of agiven circuit.

TheAlternative hypothesis for the experiment is as follows:

N1-The length of a pencil resistor has an effect on the output of agiven circuit.


Thefirst part will be the experimental procedure for the project, and itincludes the steps shown below (, 2015)

• Makea connection between the snap connector and the 9 Volts Battery.

• Makea connection between the red alligator clip and the red wire thatruns from the 9 Volts snap connector (Red wires are normally used tomake positive connections in the field of electronics)

• Makea connection between the black alligator and a black wire that runsfrom the 9 Volts snap connector (Black wires are normally used tomake negative connections in electronics).

• Makean attachment on the other side of the black alligator clip and alight bulb lead.

• Makean attachment between an end of the yellow alligator and an end of alight bulb lead. It is essential to note that in this position, itdoes not matter what the color of the wire is. Since the clip packfor the alligator also came with both the white and green wires,either of these could be used instead, and there would be no badeffect on the findings.

• Onewill then need to connect different materials in within the ends ofthe clips of the red alligator and the clip of the yellow alligator.

Inthe next step, it is important for one to ensure that that thecircuit does work before beginning the experiment. So as to achievethis, one will touch the ends of the clips of the alligators that areempty to each other. It is important only to hold on the insulatedpart of the alligators so as to avoid any form of shock.

Thethird stage includes making of a pencil resistor so as to be able totest the circuit. It is important to make various resistors meant ofvarying sizes.

Inthe fourth stage, one will need to cut the pencils into varyinglengths.

Thefifth stage will include sharpening both sides of the cut pencil byuse of a sharpener.

Thesixth step will include measuring the lengths of the pencilsespecially the length of the lead from one end to another and puttingdown a record of the same.

Inthe next step, one will need to put each piece of the resistors inthe circuit one at a time and hold them between the clips of thealligators

Afterthat, the individual will have to take a look at the light eachmoment that he connects the circuit by the use of the pencilresistors.

Thelast step of this process is to use the wooden popsicle sticks toconnect the circuit and see if there would be light. This is referredto as a control experiment.

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