Part B Brief

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PartB: Brief Summary of the Paper

Fromthe time of the Spanish-American War until the present, the UnitedStates went from relative isolation to increased global involvementbecause of 1) advancement in technology, 2) interest in controllingthe world`s economy, 3) participation in the first and the SecondWorld War 4) the cold war. The consequences on the American societyof that greater involvement were 1) increased the number of enemieshence war, 2) technological advancement, 3) new position of women andthe Black Americans, 4) economic progress and the rise of UnitesStates as the superpowers.

UnitedStates increased their involvement due to the advancement intechnology and the advancement reduced the time and space.

TheAmericans increased global involvement due to interest in controllingthe world’s economy hence they harnessed their target market andthe source of the desired raw materials.

Thegreat Depression as a result of inflation also led to internationalinvolvement as the Americans depended on foreign exchange to ease theissue.

Germanintroduced the unrestricted submarine warfare that resulted to theAmericans joining in the First World War.

Japanesehad a surprise attack on the United States in the Pearl Harbor hencethe United |States joined the Second World War.

Therewas the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union thatled to the two nations competing for international spread of theirpolitical and the economic ideologies.

Theinternational involvement increased the number of enemies to theUnited States hence being forced to join the wars.

Theinternational involvement led to the improvement in the technologiessince there was increased scientific innovation and creativity tocome up with better technological items such as the atomic bomb.

Theinternational involvement led to new positions of the women and theblacks aroused by the women tasting the men responsibilities duringthe First World War and wanted equal rights.

Theblack Americans and the women acquired equal rights with the WhiteMen such as being allowed to vote, own lands and children as well asvie for leadership.

Theinternational involvement boosted the economy of the Americans due totheir involvement in selling the arms at the beginning of the warsimproved their economy.

Dueto capitalism and increased trade there was the increased gap betweenthe rich and the poor but was handled through the reduction in thevalue of the goods stabilized the economy.

Thewinning of the Cold War made the United States the world’s economicsuperpower and their currency, the dollar, was adopted as thestandard currency in the world.

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