Part B Brief Summary of the Paper

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PartB: Brief Summary of the Paper

Fromthe discussion, it is notable that the United States went fromrelative isolation to increased global involvement since the SpanishAmerican to present because of Technological Advancements, impacts ofWorld War I and World War II, Imperialism and 4 the presidenttogether with his government’s reaction towards United State’saffairs. As a result of the greater involvement, the consequences onthe America’s society were the creations of new job opportunitiesin the United States, the immigrants’ woes on American’s jobs,and the civil wars that arose as a result of racial and genderinequality.

Thefirst paragraph presents the advancement in technology as the reasonwhy United States moved from isolation to global involvement.

Thenext paragraph explores the increase in the involvement of America inglobal matters to expose and sharing the technology that it had builtas a technology-driven country.

Theidea of imperialism led the United States to get involved morewith global relations so that it can get the economic benefits of theglobal politics of taking colonies.

Theimperialism was not new to the United States involvement in theglobal arena, as it had been involved in the annexation of statesduring its formation, such as Hawaii,Guam, Philippines and Porte Rico.

Atthe same time, the United States started being involved in globalmatters because of themotion set by public opinions mostly brought about by media that wasknown as yellow journalism, mostly during the Cold War.

Therewas the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union thatled to the two nations competing for international spread of theirpolitical and the economic ideologies.

TheUnited States got into international involvement more as the countryhad good media that wasengaged in such kind of technique was to primarily accumulate largespread of information in a global arena.

Theinternational involvement led to the improvement in the technologiessince there was increased scientific innovation and creativity tocome up with better technological items such as the atomic bomb.

Theconsequence of the United States being active in the internationalarena was job creation as theUnited States was regarded as the leading industrialized country inthe world.

Atthe same time, the consequence of the United States being active inthe international arena was an increase in the number of immigrantsin the country, which increased the burden for the government.

Theresulting consequence of the global involvement of the United Statesin was the growth of thecivil movement, American society sought to be recognized and grantedequal rights that would integrate all the people equally, just likein other democratic countries.

Theresult of the continued civil rights activities inspired by theglobal involvement was growth of the growth of the civil rightsthrough reforms, as theAmerican society space for social reforms that led to the developmentof the rights of the minority.

TheUnited States went from relative isolation to increased globalinvolvement since the Spanish American to present, which led to thediscussed consequences on the America’s society.

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