Outreach Program

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Inorder to get the attention required from the stakeholders, I willhave to employ the most effective and efficient methods ofcommunication that will convince the stakeholders to take animmediate action. The first method I will use is the face-to-facecommunication. In this method, I will personally visit the offices ofthe stakeholders hold an intensive and extensive talk, explaining tothem the reasons why a community outreach program is essential forthe members of the community. I will explain to them all the benefitsthat will accrue to our hospital after giving out to the community. Iwill as well explain the related benefits, but I will stress onbenefits. The second method I can use is the oral communication whereI will make phone calls to the stakeholders and explaining to them mymain aim of calling regarding the outreach program to the community.Lastly, I will use the written communications. In this communication,I will rely on the use of the email addresses of the stakeholders todispatch my message to them. In the emails, I will note down all myrecommendations concerning the program. The email will enable me toexplain in details about the program (Frey, Botan, and Kreps, 2000).This method together with the face-to-face communication will workbetter if given the required attention and time.

Toensure that my visions of the outreach program are real, I will startby studying the environment in which my hospital operates. After Ihave known the nature of the environment, I will come up with somestrategic decisions that will help the hospital accomplish themission. I will then finalize the whole process by structuring theresources of the hospital to meet the requirements of the programoutreach (Thompson and Martin, 2005).


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