Organizational Behavior/Chain Management

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OrganizationalBehavior/Chain Management

My current view on organizational behavior is how a work environmentin an organization determines people`s impact on the work structure,communication, performance, motivation and leadership. According toManzoni &amp Islam (2009), organizational behavior, for instance, isviewed from internal and external perspectives, which identifiesemployees` behavior to be based primarily on their interactions,personal feelings, and experiences.

Northwell Health, formerly known as the NSLIJ – Health System is anon-profit health care organization as part of the Medicareorganizations in the city of New York. The organization has theExecutive Officer mandated to overseeing the organization`s federallydesignated set of a network of the healthcare providers, whichinclude specialists, hospitals, and primary care doctors, that striveto coordinate the patients` care. The kind of behavior in NorthwellHealth organization revolves around the health care providers`difficulty in motivating his subordinates by uncovering their issueson performance appraisals. The organization is both products andservices providers, and the most interesting thing about theorganization is that there is freedom of expression and smoothcirculation of feedback.

Supply chain management is critical in the context of the currenteconomy in that it touches on the major issues, which includes themultinational corporations` rapid growth and the strategicpartnerships (Manzoni &amp Islam, 2009). These strategicpartnerships are part of the global expansion, environmentalconcerns, and fluctuation in oil and gas prices, which dictates theworld economy.

Logistics management refers to a small section of the entire supplychain management, which deals with the management of goods in a moreefficient manner that is the connection from the suppliers to theconsumer. Supply chain management, on the other hand, is involvedwith a series of connected activities, which relates to the movementand transformation of the raw materials to the end user as a finishedproduct. The two, logistics and supply chain management, are not thesame. The difference lies in the approach and the management offinished goods (Manzoni &amp Islam, 2009). The dimensions of supplychain management manage the smooth movement of raw materials whileworking on the progress of the raw materials until it arrives in thehands of the ultimate consumer.


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