Opposing Views on Gay Marriages

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OpposingViews on Gay Marriages

Sincethe beginning of this century, gay marriages have remained one of themost debated issues across various parts of the world. While I seethis as a shift from the traditional definitional of marriage betweena woman and a man, my parents greatly oppose this issue. Bycomparing my parents’ views on gay marriages to that which I hold,one will be able to appreciate the changes which have taken place inthe society especially in the institution of marriage.

Tomy parents, marriage between two people of the same sex is seen asnot being “natural”, thus critically violating the “naturalorder”( Lipp 1). According to me, marriage is just an institutioncreated by humans and not nature. Therefore, to my parents and otherswho hold to their views, gay marriage is just a phobia which theyshould work hard to eradicate.

Theother reason why my parents oppose gay marriages is on the basis ofprocreation. To my parents, institution of marriage remains criticalin ensuring procreation and bringing up of children. However, it isimportant for them to understand that legal validity of heterosexualmarriages cannot be nullified based on this aspect. Further, thereare many cases where straight couples who are married choose toremain without children. Also in the contemporary world, peoplemarry due to diverse reasons such as companion and friendship all ofwhich do not relate to procreation (Lipp 1).

Myparents also oppose gay marriages is on the basis of religion wherethis is viewed as “sinful acts” (Lipp 1). However, as a personwho has lived in the Western countries for a long time, religion doenot play any role in discussions pertaining marriages. Based on theabove, it is important for my parents to drop their negative views ongay marriages and support the efforts made by the government toimprove their rights.


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