Operational Planning and Implementation

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My chosen goal as outlined in the annual plan overview to attract andretain the best employees leading to the provision of ideal servicesto the patients (Good Samaritan Hospital, 2015). Retaining the beststaff is one of the most challenging tasks of the management due tothe intense competition in the industry as well as the presence ofambitious employees in the workforce.

The management has an operational plan for a performance review inall the departments to retain the best workforce. The management alsohas a plan for skills development through coaching ad leadershipenhancement (Good Samaritan Hospital, 2015). The institution also hasa plan to open a day care for workers with young children as wellconducting opinion surveys. The level of satisfaction will bereflected by the retention and the satisfaction index (Good SamaritanHospital, 2015). To make this operational, the management willdetermine the resource requirement regarding external personnelrequirement and finances. There will be a need for a prior survey todetermine the trending practices and missing skills. The gapidentified will dictate the resource requirement.

A receptive workforce that is open changes will positively influencethe implementation of this goal. Also, a culture of informationsharing and giving feedback will help in giving the management thecorrect satisfaction index. However, the inability of the institutionto raise enough funds can adversely affect its implementation.Supportive practices like training and putting up a day care areexpensive. Also, the management efforts will be futile if otherinstitutions poach talents from the workforce due to their attractivepackages.

The outcome of this goal is dependent on the ability of themanagement to counter the barrier. The management should give weightto the goal of fundraising since it is critical to all the othergoals. Secondly, the management should stay current with the trendsin the market to avoid lagging behind and losing their talents toother institutions. The management should spread its attention to allthe goals since none of them can autonomously lead to the success ofthe institution.


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