Opening Reflection Paper

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OpeningReflection Paper

OpeningReflection Paper

Intoday’s hard financial times, many businesses are finding itdifficult to balance between ethics and improving their profitmargins. However, it is important to point out that ethics is vitalin any business since they enhance the corporate image that attractsmany customers. There are many ways through which I can contribute tomy business becoming more ethical. It is important to ensure that thedecisions made in organizations are ethical. The decisions should befair to not only the customers but also the employees and the widersociety. It is important to remain consistent in enforcing policiesthat are based on ethics. To make a business ethical, I will ensureemployees’ opinions are considered during the decision-makingprocess. Personally, I take time before talking or reacting to anysituation because I want to be a role model. Employees desire what aleader does thus, an ethical leader will motivate the junioremployees to embrace ethics at the workplace. It is important toremain positive as a leader and encourage other employees not to bedefensive.

Iencourage my colleagues at the workplace to have a higher purposebehind their work to ensure they value ethical behaviors. As a leaderor employee, having a vision or higher purpose motivates one toembrace ethics and offer exceptional service. Another way ofcontributing to business ethics is by giving back to the community.Therefore, it is ethical to give back to the community as a way ofappreciation. Giving back to the community can take many forms suchas raising funds for destitute children, educating orphans, to namebut a few. It is unrealistic to expect all employees to comply withthe laid code of conduct without some form of discipline. Icontribute to business ethics by being a disciplined worker. As aleader, I also implement an ethics policy that acts as a guide forall the employees. Any employee violating the policy faces someconsequences regardless the offender’s high or low status. Discipleaccompanied by an efficient reward system can make a vital tool forenforcing ethics in an organization. In my business, I have a rewardsystem in place to appreciate the ethical behaviors from myemployees. The reward system has also encouraged difficult employeesto change their behavior and embrace ethics as laid down in thepolicy

Thereis a possibility of observing unethical behavior from employees in abusiness even after having implemented an ethics policy. Sometimesemployees may find it difficult to adhere to the ethical rulesbecause either they are too strict or unrealistic. Whenever I observeunethical behavior patterns, I take my time to know the cause. Incases where I find some ethical rules to be unrealistic, I push forsome changes to encourage employees to abide by the policy. Manytimes as a leader let my business incur some short-term losses inpursuit of long-term benefits associated with an ethicalorganization.

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