Open Letter to Aeschylus

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OpenLetter to Aeschylus


Letterto Aeschylus

Greetings!After going through your plays, I am convinced that you are thefather of tragedy because your plays have survived the extant over along period. Additionally, I am amazed by the way your plays haveemployed themes, character, plot, imagery and the overhaul languageused in the play. For instance, I would like to know why you expandedthe number of the characters in the play. Did you increase the numberof characters to allow room for conflicts between them or not? Thisis because as much as I have read your plays, according to Taplin(1977), initially,you were using a single character to interact with the play’schorus. Consequently, I am convinced that you had a reason forintroducing more character in the play. How did this promoteaudiences’ interest to read your players? I would like to know thisbecause I understand you are the founder of the overall Greek dramathat exists even today. Because your plays are still live to date,can you say that your choice of characters increased the fame of yourwork? The reason for asking these questions is because the charactersused in your plays are very attractive and wins the audience veryfast. Knowing the criterion used in choosing the characters in theplay will help me in understanding the best way to select and assigncharacters in a player.

Additionally,I like the tone used in the plays. For example, through the tones youemployed in the poems it is possible to recognize the “high-minded”Athenian and the abound military terms here the characters are seenbreathing the contempt that show the barbarian prowess. For thisreason, what is the theme that you wanted to bring out to theaudience? For example, in the stage, you introduced several thingssuch as the &quotgrotesque monsters.&quot When showing these imagesand the pronunciation used in the play, were you trying to creatediction? If yes, what was the reason for having such diction that isprevalent through the powerful words that can strike the audience’ear like a trumpet sound?

Forexample, when giving farewell to the Athens, the lines used in theplay are so impressive. Although, the lines are touching, they arealso glorifying the Athens, her laws, her gods, and the customs thatwere common during the time. The theme creating here is &quotblessing&quotof all the inhabitants and respecting the nature around us. A goodexample is the lines below and I quote:

“Rejoice,rejoice ye in abounding wealth,

Rejoice,ye citizens,

Dwellingnear Zeus himself,

Lovedof the virgin goddess whom ye love,

Indue time wise of heart,

You,`neath the wings of Pallas ever staying,

TheFather honoreth.”

Whatmade you create such a unique play that glorifies the Athens and theoverhaul life around them? Does this show the theme of unity andlove? The reason for asking these questions is because I would liketo know the wonderful power of art that seem to be of the highestforms that is employed in your play work. Lastly, I feel your workwas the gravest, most profitable, and most moral by answering theabove questions I would be able to have the adequate knowledgerequired in plays and art.


Taplin,O. (1977). Thestagecraft of Aeschylus: the dramatic use of exits and entrances inGreek tragedy.Oxford University Press.

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