Nursing Vision

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Mynursing vision is to provide patients with the best care. Everypatient that goes through my hands will get meticulous attention andthe best professional engagement as much as possible. I believe mywork as a nurse is not just to provide services within routineschedule or with conventional guidelines, but to show patients thecompassion and dedication that befits my profession. The first wayintend to show my compassion and dedication is by improving the levelof health literacy among patients. Patients are supposed leavehealthcare settings as better people than they left both physicallyand emotionally (Katz,Jacobson, Veledar, &amp Kripalani, 2007). The second way I intendto fulfill my vision is through teamwork. I believe teamwork issurest way to success for a nurse. Through teamwork, I will buildstrong relationships with peers, lean to use effective communicationtechniques to resolve problems, and the deal with workplacechallenges.

Itis understandable that training and practice in nursing lays emphasison objectivity and clinical detachment. Indeed, it is vital thatnurses maintain a professional relationship with patients. However, Iintend to use my vision to influence my peers to incorporatecompassion in service delivery notwithstanding schedules that nursesface on a typical working day. My target audiences are the peers Iwill meet during nursing clinics and conferences. There are manyopportunities I will use to invoke the assertions of Swanson’stheory of caring into nursing. Swanson postulated that compassion incare occurs when a nurse knows and understands what the patient andtheir family experiences (Yoost &amp Crawford, 2015).Hebelieved that the understanding of the patient is the basis uponwhich a nurse can create and sustain the belief that they willfinally have a transition into normal life.


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