Nursing Theory

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MadelineLeininger and Joyce Travelbee are some of the renowned theorist whohave contributed to the theories on the nursing perspective. On herpart, Madeleine advanced a theory that emphasize on the need for thenurses to consider the cultural and personal background of thepatient. This is so because the values, beliefs and perceptionacquired by individuals during their up bring may have an impact ontheir attitudes towards treatment, medication, and therefore healing.She insist on the need to have a cross-cultural nursing backgroundable to support the various needs of these patients. Joyce on herpart developed a theory based on the human to human carerelationship. According to this theory, interpersonal aspectsfocusing on mental health are key in ensuring successful nursingpractice. Choices made individual affects their life and meaningfulfillment of emotional aspects is key to human stability(Leininger&amp McFarland, 2006).

JoyceTravelbee nursing theory of human to human care relationship is veryimportant for a practicing nurse. On my part, I would use variousconnotations of the theory to developing my nursing skill. The theoryhelp in understanding the way patient perceive meaning to thesuffering they are experiencing. Secondly, it will provide abackground upon which I will forge a meaningful relationship with mypatient so as to provide the quality care required by the profession.Communication will be enhanced through the relationship forgedbetween me and the patients which help in the healing process for thepatient. The theory will be useful because it will help me to conductself-therapy of my personal aspects and personality. I will, then,know how to regulate myself and establish the best professionrelationship with the patients. I would like to be a care nurse witha positive relationship with my clients and understating the patientcultural and historical aspects and aid in their healing.


Leininger,M. M., &amp McFarland, M. R. (2006). Culturecare diversity and universality: A worldwide nursing theory.Jones &amp Bartlett Learning.

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