Nursing Strong throughout Time

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NursingStrong throughout Time

NursingStrong throughout Time

Nursingas a profession has remained strong because of the nurses who playthe advocacy role. Nursing advocacy involves the engagement of allstakeholders, mobilization of evidence, and the exercise of voice inorder to influence practice and policy (Canadian Nursing Association,2015). There are many nurses who have played the advocacy role byinfluencing the public policy, but this paper will compare andcontrast three of them, namely Florence Nightingale, Mary Mahoney,and Mary Breckinridge.

FlorenceNightingale emphasized on the use of evidence and statistics tosupport the process of policy development. Nightingale’s advocacyresulted in the establishment of stable health care systems thatcould follow a systematic approach to address the health needs of thepopulation (McDonald, 2001). Nightingale influenced policydevelopment by pushing for social reforms and serving as an example.

MaryMahoney was the black American to be registered as a nurse. Similarto Nightingale, Mahoney served as an example by providing the bestcare that a talented nurse could manage. Mahoney contributed towardsthe nursing advocacy and policy bringing nurses together to form theNational Association of Colored Graduates that later advanced tobecome the American Nursing Association (Barton, 2015). Bringing thenurses together intensified their voice and contribution towardspolicy development, which can be seen to-date.

MaryBreckinridge advocated for equal provision of health care services topeople living in the urban and in the rural areas. Breckinridgedeveloped a model for rural health care, which ensured that peopleliving in the far-flung regions could access health care (Barton,2015). Similar to others Breckinridge served as an example, byestablishing the Frontier Nursing Service to demonstrate how the newmodel could work.

Inconclusion, the future of nursing advocates’ can be enhanced bymaking it mandatory for the contribution of the nursing professionalbodies to be considered in any health care public policy. This willenhance the significance of the field of nursing advocacy and createa platform for nurses develop evidence-based policy as desired byNightingale and other advocates.


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