Nursing Abstract

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Thispaper will analyse the problem concerning various methods ofimproving the changing patterns in the human health care field. Thereare no efficient models for effective care delivery. Thus, there isthe need for solutions. To achieve the solutions, manydecision-making is needed. Various health practitioners will be usedin this approach, for example, the nurses.


Theproblem addressed in this paper is the issue of tackling the changingpatterns in the human health care field. This main objective being toimprove the field.


Theproject aims at using the health professionals in analysing theproblems faced in caregiving. The doctors and nurses will be used inthe quality improvement project to achieve the solutions to theproblem. Quality caregiving is necessary to assist in improving thequality of caregiving. Advanced practice nursing is used in theprocess.


Theintervention involves the managing of the healthcare industry forexample, the reduction of the rates of all the falls experienced bythe elderly patients. Various steps will are followed in the processof improving the quality giving. Other interventions includeproviding educational seminars that teach on better health careservices. The educational seminars will involve the use of the healthprofessionals.


Theimplementation process is designed to take effect immediately. By sodoing, most of the activities involving the health care systems willbe altered in one way or another. The health practitioners will berequired to attend the intervention as early as possible. Moreover,the use of the advanced practice nursing will involve the thoroughtraining of the available nurses.


Theoutcomes are expected to be evident to the general public. Thefindings include the reduction of the falling rates of the elderlypatients. This result is expected to take effect after a few monthsof the implementation process. Another outcome is to ensure thatthere is better and quality service that is offered to the patient’ssatisfaction. The outcomes will be analysed after a period of fewmonths.


Thepaper will address the issue of using healthcare practioners inaddressing the issues experienced in the changing field of humanhealth care. Health practitioners including nurses and doctors are atthe forefront in improving the health care by offering qualityservices. They can also chip in by suggesting suitable methods ofimproving the sector. the intervention measures towards an improvedsector included sitable health care rates and educational seminarsfor the people. The expected outcomes would be an improved healthcare sector.

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