Nurse’s Role in the Accountable Care Act

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The role of the advanced practice nurse’s role under theAffordable Care Act is to act as communicators and coordinate care.Communicators – nurses will communicate as well as translate careoptions and treatment to sick persons (Milstead,2013 p.162). When other health care providers instructpatients on their diagnoses and treatments, it is possible for themnot to understand. Nurses will educate and inform patients and theirfamilies about their medical diagnoses, care guidelines andmedications. Coordinate care – advanced practice nurses under theACA are expected to coordinate care all through the different caresettings (Milstead, 2013 p. 163).These care settings comprise of the doctors’ office, rehabilitationcenters, hospitals or home environment for patients receivingtreatment at home (Westrick&amp Dempski, 2009p.219). The nurse’s role also entails coordinating care fromdifferent sources. These are pharmacists, physicians and specialistsamong others (Westrick&amp Dempski, 2009p.219). Hence, the ACA requires nurse’s coordination of careacross a wider spectrum.

The use of advance practice nurse under ACA will enhance healthcare. The nurses will assist in dealing with the shortage of primarycare providers, which arises from the high uninsured rate of Americancivilians. Using advanced practice nurses enhances the figure ofprimary care providers (Nickitas, 2014 p.230). ACA’s believes thatthrough coordinated care it is possible to enhance the patients’wellbeing as well as the delivery of quality care. The patientsthrough education will be in a better position to understand how totake their medication, which improves their health. Coordinated carewill reduce repetition of services by the different care providersminimize medical errors as well as complications and reducing costs(Nickitas, 2014 p.230). When care is provided across differentproviders, it is possible for errors to occur, but with propercoordination the errors are minimized.


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