New York City

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NewYork City


NewYork City

NewYork City is the most populous American city that also serves as thecenter for the New York Metropolitan Area. Apart from being one ofthe largest and most significant cities in the world, New York is aninternational theater and arts center. In 2012, the city was namedthe second largest city in terms of media production with more than200 TV series being produced annually. One-third of American filmsare produced in New York. It is home to The Association ofIndependent Commercial Producers.

Thingshave changed in Broadway as the diversity in the city has influenceddiversity in the cast and sets as minority groups such as Asians areembraced. The ethnic diversity is seen in Broadway works such as TheAllegianceand TheKing and I,which have incorporated the Asian culture and identity.

NewYork City is home to more than 500 art galleries and 2000 artorganizations. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the world-famousCarnegie Hall are some of the cultural institutions built by businessmagnates in New York. It is home to the Broadway Theatre, the worldmost famous theatres for performing arts. It also harbors theMetropolitan Opera House, the most prestigious audience globally forany opera singer. Many artists come from all over their world to trytheir luck in these great theatres in New York, as the city has riskswith rewards.

NewYork is the most important economic center in the United States.Apart from being home to the Wallstreet, it also harbors the SiliconAlley. 56.4 million tourists visited Ney York in 2014, earning theeconomy an all-time figure of US$61.3 billion (Currid, 2007). NewYork City merchandises are very popular around the globe, with ILove New Yorkbeing one of the trademark merchandise for the city. Touristdestinations include Broadway theater productions, Times Square, theStatue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, theUnited Nations Headquarters, parks such as the Washington Square Parkand the Central Park, museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art,Rockefeller Center, and Chinatown among tens of other places.


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