National Endowment for the Arts

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NationalEndowment for the Arts

NationalEndowment for the Arts should not exist

Thenational endowment for the arts (NEA) has been an issue for the lastdecade. It has raised the concerns of many for now more than 30years. Most people think that is should be abolished, and othersthink that it should not be abolished. The national endowment is anagency that funds art organizations and all the art programs in theUnited States of America. For example, most of the funds from theagency fund the museums in the United States of America. The agencyhas also been known to fund individual artists. The nationalendowment of the arts should be abolished since most of its projectsare wastage of taxpayers’ money. For example, the funding of lessquality artwork is a waste of funds.

NEAthough has several functions only that poor management harbours itsefficiency. Some of its functions include forwarding applications forfederal grants, which have been recommended by advisory committees,and formation of agency budgets at all levels as well as allocationof funds depending on the needs of the applicants. NEA alsoestablishes the guidelines used for determining funding eligibilityand characterization of various applicants. It further linksindividual artists with other agencies for partnering orcollaborations. These functions are however not affected as expecteddue to poor management.

Recognizingquality art has been an issue and thus, the national endowment forthe arts has been involved in the funding of just any types of art.Moreover, most artists have nothing good to offer the society butstill they are in the limelight. Most of these artists survive on thefunds from the agency. This situation is killing the art industry andart culture. The fund has enabled them to stand tall with their lessquality piece of art. This situation is a form of embezzlement thatis not healthy especially for the art industry. Without the nationalendowment for the arts, the art industry and culture will still standtall since there is a lot of talent.

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