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Itis worth noting that, the scientific management theory was developedby Frederick W. Taylor. The key objective for developing it was toenhance organizations’ efficiencies of duties by applyingengineering, scientific as well as mathematical analysis. Since itsdevelopment, lots of organizations have adopted this theory in orderto assist them to enhance their management as well as therelationship between the employees. For example, a recent studyrevealed that, $390 billion is normally wasted annually as a resultof inefficient and outmoded medical practices(Ozcan 2009).In addition, there are too many procedures for surgical, medicine aswell as tests. For instance, there is no process for giving regularpneumonia as well as flu vaccines or suitable test. The diabetespatients lack follow-up medicines, and there is no thorough screeningfor depression, breast cancer as well as some other venereal diseases(Ozcan2009).

Withthe increasing cost for health care almost in a double digit as wellas health care workers eager to get more wages, majority of peopleare currently to looking for cheaper health care services and not thequality. These have led to the deterioration of the health care andvery poor services from the workers dues to low salaries beingoffered to them (Ozcan2009).

Inmy work place, we are given an opportunity in identifying problems.Since most of the time we are with the patients, we normally observeand report any problem we come across. This ultimately assists inenhancing the overall performance of the hospital by eliminatingthose problems. In additional, we are given an opportunity to provideour solution to certain problem. After providing our solution, themanagement can then choose the best one that will be implemented tosolve the problem. It is worth noting that, when comes to planningimplementation, we are also given the opportunity to participate, andas result, the satisfaction is achieved. Indeed, collaborativedecision making in any working environment is very critical insolving problems, and this is why at my work place, we are involvedin decision making.


Ozcan,Y. (2009).&nbspQuantitativemethods in health care management techniques and applications.San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

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