My stated role in the project

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Mystated role in the project

Iplan to learn new skills and abilities that I will be comfortable tocontribute to the building of the team’s project. In this regard, Iintend to learn web coding through learning all the basicrequirements from any team member. There are a variety of learningplatforms that can aid my team and I acquire new skills such as theonline platforms. In case of coming across any problem in the courseof project building, I intend to integrate every member’s ideacontributions. Thereafter, after learning new skills, I will try toapply the learnt skills in the project as many times as I possiblycan until I perfect my skill. Creating nice logos will come frominspirational everyday things. In developing and designing ourproject I hope to encourage every member not to underestimate thecapabilities of each other as well as trying out new technologiesthat have not been practiced before.

Ithink my team and I will perform well in the levels of communicationbetween every team member. In addition, I am optimistic that everymember will practice professionalism because we are involved in aproject that we have a passion for. In this regard, every member willreport results in time and also attend meetings without fail. Thegreatest pillar of success of any team is discipline and respect.Therefore, I believe that my team will respect one another as much asthey will respect the facilities. This is by having an initiative ofdoing everything one is asked to do and being in a position to learnfrom mistakes.

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