Multiracial Values

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MultiracialValues for Nature

for Nature

The dominant culture in the United States is the White Americanculture. The whites share different feelings towards nature, just asthey have different feelings towards the people of color. In as muchas there is the effort to curb racism in America, there is adifference in the races. The fact that the whites do not share in thehistory and the feelings of the blacks looks like an attempt toassimilate the Black Americans into white culture (Nostrand et al,2001). The essay will discuss the importance of recognizing thesubculture values towards nature, differing from the dominantAmerican cultural values.

Recognizing the subculture values in America gives asense of acceptance (Nostrand et al, 2001). The Black Americans havea great attachment towards the plantations and the land. It connectsto their history of slavery. The Negroes were the slaves taken fromAfrica, and they trace Africa as their homeland (Hitchcock, 2002).Therefore, the treat the African lands as the tourist attractioncenters that they love visiting. Their regards to nature helps themappreciate their past and the lives the ancestors lived. If thewhites recognize their values towards nature, then it will be a greatacceptance.

Ignorance of the subcultures value towards lands showsthat the whites still look down upon the people of the color(Nostrand et al, 2001). That way, they promote racism. The blackshave suffered an inferiority complex for years. The fact that theyappreciate the nature and associate it with the past reminds them ofthe whites` dominance the slavery they were subjected to (Hitchcock,2002). In an attempt to change their feelings of discrimination, thewhites should show an effort of accepting their cultural values. Inconclusion, the people of color in America have great regards fornature and land as they associate it with their past. When the whitesappreciate their value for the land, then there is a sense ofacceptance that curbs racism in the American population.


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