Motivation letter

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Iwas very pleased when I saw this particular opportunity to apply forMasters Program in the EBS University. With this letter, I would liketo express my high motivation towards pursuing this Masters course.My name is Karim Nakouzi currently a final year student pursuing aBBA in marketing at the Canadian University and I am applying forMasters in the automotive department once I complete the Marketingcourse in May 2016.Following my passion and love for cars, I believethat I can do the best part in the industry. I grew up with mybrothers and friends who were always on motorbikes, cars and theywould always discuss their adventures and experiences during theirrides. Since then, and the entire childhood, motorcycles and vehicleshave been a centre of focus. During the teenage years, I had aninterest in the fantastic stuff from toys to sophisticated machines.Surprisingly, the passion and love of cars growing in me cemented away for my future and the victuals for the much-needed scientificinterest to develop, sharpen, and make it happen.

Afterpassing my intermediate education, I joined the Canadian Universityin Dubai where I believe I have gained a total transformation of mindand life in a way that it will contribute positively towards mychosen career. In addition, the years I have spent pursuing mybachelor`s degree in Business Administration at the CanadianUniversity have been a time of self-discovery. I discovered so muchfrom my tutors, friends, but also a great deal about my strengths andweaknesses. I can judge that real strength does not lie in beingflawless, but in conquering one`s limitations and turning them intoan opportunity to grow. Like any student, I have had successes andsetbacks, but I see both categories in a positive light because mostobstacles gave way to greater triumphs in the end.

Ibelieve that I have developed competency in all functional areas ofbusiness management that will enable me to pursue my passion andprepare me for success in the global environment. Working on acertain project in one of the Motors company in the country enabledme acquire some set of skills and develop an intense curiosity toexplore and identify academic strengths and weaknesses thus I decidedto take master`s program in automotive management. Am sure it willhelp me acquire the knowledge for handling and riding vehicles,specialize in structural designs, exhaust systems and engine, andgain insight on the commercial vehicles.

Ifeel like extra curriculum activities are equally important inmeasuring and estimating the overall performance capacity of thestudent. Being a member of the football team in the University hasbeen helpful in learning how to work with a team, which I believe isan important element when it comes to masters studies where I willhave to interact with diverse groups of people from all over theworld.

Noeducation is comprehensive without experience and skills. Armed withsolid academic principles, I can successfully begin on my career toadd to the experience that I have gained. Versed in the theory part,I will be able to acclimatize, amend, and modify the theoreticalconstruct as expected to meet my company`s needs. After settling onthe subject, deciding on the country and the university to join wasthe most difficult decision. Since universities in Germany hold highreputations all over the world, and they have high technological andinternational general quality education, I settled on EBS, which iscurrently enjoying its high position made by the center of highereducation.

Ibelieve I have done an excellent choice thus I would like to requestyou to grant me the opportunity to pursue my Masters in Automotivemanagement. I am glad to inform you that I would also wish to pursuea PHD in the automotive management, in your institution, after Icomplete Masters.

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