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Adolescent’s Behavior in Havoc Movie 5

MoralDevelopment in the Movie “Havoc”

Thetwo primary characters in Havoc movie are teenage girls, Emily andAllison (Havoc, 2005). The pair is full of naivety, and they are notaware that their actions can lead to lifetime consequences. Theirdrive depends on their curiosity that is stimulated by the hip hopculture. They venture into gang life with the hope of exploitingtheir knowledge of the streets. However, they realize that they arenot as knowledgeable about the street life as they thought since theyend up landing in trouble.


Moraldevelopment is the developmental aspect that relates significantlywith the behavior of the adolescents in the movie. The moraldevelopment of the youngsters depreciates consistently. Thedepreciation is steered by their curiosity as well as the people theyjoin. The two ladies pair up with their male partners, and theirrelationship is evident during the party. At the end of the party,Allison gets involved in an intimate moment with her boyfriend at theback of the car (Havoc, 2005). Their adolescence stage makes themattracted to the opposite sex and to them they have partners thatthey do not mind getting intimate with.

Theteenagers have little respect for the parents (Richter 2010). It isevident when Allison is called by the father to talk about the familyissues there is no concord conversation (Havoc, 2005). She is in aweak relationship with the parents and does not mind about it. Ifanything, talking about the family issues is none of the business.The father does not even take note of the girl`s behavior and thedaughter does not even bother about it.

Theteenagers also get involved in drug abuse (Bilsen et al, 2013). Theyare seen drinking with their friends as they party. They also chooseto try marijuana that they buy from Hector (Havoc 2005). Their drugabuse is consistent, and they increase the intensity of the uptakeevery time they are involved. The intake of alcohol is persistent andleads to their desire to try more drugs. However, Hector seems to beworse as there is the likelihood that he sold the team fewer drugsthan they had paid for. It is what Erick feels.

Thepair of girls also desires to join Hector`s gang believing that theywould end up having a better adventure. However, their involvement inthe team would come after initiation. The initiation to the groupwould require them to roll a dice that would determine the number ofgang members to have sex with (Havoc, 2005). At the beginning, thetwo girls do not mind. On a second thought Allison withdraws butEmily is determined to be initiated fully. On the process, she endsup gang raped by two team members and at screaming Allison comes toher help. Despite their effort, they are thrown out of the gang.

Toby`sgang also acquires guns to seek revenge on the Hectors gang for whatthey had done to Emily (Havoc, 2005). They prepare and when theystorm to a common motel where Hector`s group frequents. The revengeends up terrorizing a group of women and a child who are sparedbecause of the child. Eventually, the two gangs meet and what followsis the exchange of fires. The most shocking thing is that Allison andEmily get involved in the groups and all the activities whileschooling. They join the gang members in the evening after the schooland even go to school in the morning after a night party of drinkingwith friends.


Fromthe individual perspective, I learn that the teenage parents shouldmonitor their children to avoid the consequences of their mistakes.This is because teenage is a stage that requires constant parentalguidance. The teenagers need to account for every minute spent out ofthe house and the kind of cultures they learn. It is at this stagewhen the information they acquire determines the kind of lifestylesthey adopt (Bilsen et al, 2013). Allison and Emily get to join gangsthat would lead them to hip hop cultures they admire.

Theparents should also take note of the behavior of the friends to theirchildren (Richter 2010). That way they will determine the behavior oftheir children. The friends the teenagers have played a great role ininfluencing their behavior. The parents should warn them of badcompanies and tell them the consequences they are likely to face. Thechildren will then take caution and keep off the bad companies thatare likely to ruin their good morals. The home education will alsobrush their minds off the naivety. Learning from others about thesevere consequences of a bad company would not like to face the samefate.

Ialso learn that the curiosity of the adolescents cannot be quicklyquenched (Richter 2010). They will still have the desire to know moreeven when they face punishments. Allison and Emily do not keep offthe gang when the police arrest them. After the incidence, theydesire to know more of the street life and gang life than before. Aone day issue does not quench their thirst for a hip hop culture.They desire to learn more and to have more adventurous experiences.In the light of this, it is not good to allow teenagers to try thebad life because their desire does not change with the messes theyget into. This is because they basically do not learn from themistakes that they make.


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