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Roleof Women in the Movie Industry: A Case Study of Hollywood

Fora long time, women have been sidelined in many economic activitiesand the movie industry, not an exception. The role of women in manymovies and television shows have been left to that of supportingcharacters which makes it difficult for them to be recognizedworldwide and progress career wise. The male characters have earnedall the credit, yet the female characters have played an importantrole also. Does it mean that our ladies are not up to the task?Definitely no. The demand at which the film industry is growing mean,there is an opportunity which should be equitably tapped to by peopleof all genders (Ellis-Petersen,2014).

In2014 for instance, the number of movies directed by female directorsthat made the 250 top list was only 7% while the number of only theproportion of writers was 11% in the top 250 movie list. The aboveare very discouraging statistics, and the industry should embrace therole of female characters and provide an opportunity for them toventure. The main problem is that there are few women in leadershippositions which make it difficult to hire female employees (Bielby&amp Bielby, 2012).

Therole of actors in movies and television shows have neglected thepotential of ladies. Earlier, the male were posed as the leadingcharacters while ladies were depicted as the poor supportingcharacters. Some relief has been observed where some television showslike “The scandal” have recognized the ability of female actorsand have been successful (Ingram,2015).Kerry Washington has been the leading character and has in theprocess been so influential, and the series have gotten a rating of7.9 by IMDb while in it has received a rating of 8.5.Recognition of women is a significant shift because this popularculture is embracing the role of female and enhancing gender equity(Stacey,2013).


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