Model Implementation

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Mygroup is advocating for mandatory vaccines to children. This isimportant in order to reduce the mortality rate in children.Implementation of this policy maybe challenging as it will increaseobligations on the parents, beyond what they already have. For thesuccess of this project, it will be important that all stakeholderscome in and support it. The managers, nurses and the government needto work hand in hand to ensure that the objectives of the project aremet. The parents and guardians of the children also have a role toplay by taking the responsibility of presenting their children forvaccination.

Vaccinationis a preventive mechanism meant to boost the immunity of the body inorder to fight pathogens. The model used to implement this programshould be one that includes all stakeholders and has the support ofthe management and policy makers. This is for the purposes ofstrengthening it and making viable.

Thetop-down model would thus be the best to use in implementing thepolicy. When the policy comes from the managers and other policymakers, its impact is greater as it shows support to the nurses whoare implementers (Milstead, 2013). Often times when a model isimplemented from the bottom to the top, unrealistic expectations areplaced on the implementers. This definitely affects theimplementation of the actual goals.

Usingthis model ensures that the administrators come up with realisticgoals after careful assessment. This model takes care of theconsumers to by taking care of the hands through which these serviceswill go to them. The nurses can then feel comfortable in implementingthe policies. They will also be able to focus on more importantissues like knowing how to deal with the parents or guardians of thechildren who will receive the vaccines.


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