Mobile Devices in the Classrooms

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MobileDevices in the Classrooms

MobileDevices in the Classrooms

Inthis century where there are several technological advancements, thestate obliges each student to be equipped with the skills oftechnology and digital media. One of the methods of achieving thisaim is to introduce the tools they already know into their learningenvironments. The students will not require any lessons on how tooperate these devices. According to a research done in 2011, 77% ofthe teens in schools own cell phones (Mobile Devices for Learning).This was an increment from the data of the previous research back in2004, which indicated that only 45% of the 12 to 17-year-oldpossessed the cell phones. This indicates that they already possessthe knowledge of how a cell phone works (Robledo, 2012).

Thesedevices could influence the student’s ability to learn and alsotheir interactions with their teachers and classmates. According toLucy Gray, these gadgets have several advantages to the learners. Sherefers to the K-Nect project, whose aim was to find out impacts ofmobile phones on the Mathematics lessons including the performance ofthe students on its examination (Mobile Devices for Learning).Teachers reported that those students who participated in the projectexhibited many positive changes in their learning behaviors. Apartfrom the social networking applications, learners could also useother items such as the e-book, media players and the internet(Mobile Devices for Learning). E-book, for instance, serves as aportable library where they can read books and store them.

Manyparents and guardians oppose the idea of using these instruments inschool. It is the role of the school leadership to convince them ofthe importance of these devices to their children (Mobile Devices forLearning). The school should be able to state all the requirementsneeded for this program including its costs. The educationalinstitution should also state clearly what they tend to achieveacademically by introducing mobile devices in the classrooms(Robledo, 2012). The school should also inform guardians about eachstep and the progress of their new project.


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