Michael Jackson

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will be remembered for his music for many years tocome. His music, dance moves and the voice were exceptional and thisis the reason why he will be remembered for over a 100 years to come.It is worth noting that Michael was the first black musician whosemusic was played on MTV and other American television shows. This isa clear indication that his music was exceptional and the videos weresending a message of the song. had fans across theworld. His music fans were from all races and his music was notdiscriminatory. Many people will remember his music due to themessages in the songs.

Michael’s dance moves were special and exceptional and they willbe remembered for the next 100 years. In the next 100 years, peoplewill still be remembering these dance moves. Considering that MichaelJackson lived and composed songs at a time when racism was rife inthe American society, many people will remember him for having brokenthe race barrier and became successful despite being a blackmusician. It is worth noting that was it not for theblack musicians would be having a problem selling their music. Peoplewill continue to praise for his contribution even inthe next 100 years to come.

It is also essential to note that the songs that were composed byMichael contained strong messages and they will still be played forthe next 100 years. The genre of his music will also be something toreckon with. It is evident that even after his death, his song whichdates as far as 1980s from the thriller album are still being playedtoday. This is an indication that his music is passed from onegeneration to the other. This will ensure that his music will stillbe played in the next 100 years.

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