Methods for Gathering Health Teaching Information

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Methodsfor Gathering Health Teaching Information

Methodsfor Gathering Health Teaching Information

Gatheringmaterial for a health teaching practice that complements a communityhealth-nursing program can be a complex process. One of the potentialsources for gathering information applicable that applies to theprogram includes analyzing medical reports of a target population. According to Briske, Keller, and Strohschein, (2000), a public healthpractice targets a particular population with the objective of eitherprotecting or improving its health risk exposure. Consequently,reports collected by international organizations such as UN WorldHealth Organization (WHO) and the national government providesessential information as they consider data of everyone who is in thevulnerable population.

Secondly,the Public Health departments’ assessments of population healthstatuses are another valuable source of information for the project.The public health programs are based on the health needs of society.The departments conduct ongoing evaluation of the community to designprograms that counter new and future health concerns appropriately.The health assessments are widely available in local health centers,journals and health extension officers on the ground (Briske, Keller,&amp Strohschein, 2000).

Thirdly,evaluation of the independent hospital health assessment and reportsis another valuable source of health data. Health centers are oftencategorized based on diverse factors such as financial capacity,types of diseases and age of the patients. Subsequently, evaluatingthe pattern of the illnesses, health care services offered andfrequency of particular patients can help to determine some of thecommon diseases affecting a given population. For instance, if themajority of the patients in a specific category of health centers aremostly in search of treatment services associated with excess weight,then it implies that the community requires intensive education oneffective strategies for addressing the overweight problem(International Congress in Nursing Informatics, Saranto, &amp IOSPress, 2009).


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