Metacognitive Analysis Part I

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Metacognitive Analysis

Part I

In my own words, metacognition is a review of personal cognitiveprocesses. It is the awareness as well as comprehension of personalthought processes specifically when involved in learning. Thelearning process requires a student to grasp a lot of information byreading or listening to lectures. One must also apply the informationlearned in completing assignments or during examinations.Metacognition assists in deepening thinking concerning the contentlearned and makes it possible to understand new content (Perfect 1).Also, metacognition makes it possible to learn the significant partsof information especially when the information is too broad to beunderstood as a whole.

Part II

The topic chosen for the project is the modern culture issue ofonline dating. The topic further aims at discussing if online datingcan replace traditional dating. What led to the topic is thewidespread use of the internet in all aspects of life. For instance,the internet is an important resource when researching on projects,as it provides the needed information to understand and write about atopic. However, as more people continue to use technology, the lessersocial interactions become common. This has prompted me to ponder onthe possibility of the internet dominating even aspects of life Ideem require more face to face communication, like dating.

The outside sources were a very important resource in the research.The sources made it possible to understand how online dating hasbecome an aspect of modern culture. They provide information neededin defining online dating, statistics and prevalence, which weresignificant to the research. Outside sources additionally made itpossible to connect between the project topic and the recommendedsources. The project comprised of an in depth analysis of an area ofmodern culture. To effectively conduct the analysis, it was importantto use outside sources.

There are several parts of the assignment that came easily. Anillustration is discussing the widespread use of online dating. Thereis an array of information on the internet concerning online datingthat makes it possible to research on the topic. Also, websites thatfacilitate online dating are many, which include reviews fromcustomers. By reading through the reviews it become possible tounderstand why people are shifting to online dating instead of moreconventional methods of meeting romantic partners. Also, previouslyacquired knowledge on traditional dating made it possible to compareand analyze online versus traditional dating.

Completing the project required the use of two books, “TheAuthenticity Hoax” and “Fight Club”. The books make aconnection between authenticity and modern culture. The unexpectedlychallenging part of the assignment involved making a connectionbetween the different issues raised in the books to the project. Mostof the claims made in the books are not straightforward. Hence, onehas to thoroughly read the content in order to fetch information thatrelates to the area of modern culture. This was specificallychallenging, considering that online dating has not been discussed inone of the books.

The end results very closely matched the vision in mind. Theobjective of the project was to find an aspect of modern culture andmake an analysis on if the issue results in authenticity. Onlinedating is a perfect illustration of an aspect of modern culture.Contrary to online dating is traditional dating that has been thenorm for years. By analyzing aspects of online dating whileincorporating issues related to authenticity, it becomes possible toanalyze is online dating results in an authentic life. Also,traditional dating was used as the basis for comparison, making itpossible to argue the possibility of replacing online withtraditional dating.

The next time I am assigned a research project, I will begin byreading the recommended books. I realize that it is necessary to readthe recommended books prior to selecting a research topic. By readingthe books, it becomes possible to understand their context, whichguides in the discussion of the chosen topic. Also, some of the booksrecommended may not have direct information that relates to thetopic. This means that one has to critically analyze the content tomake comparisons, or derive significant text. To avoid confusion,next time, I will read the assigned books, ensure I understand theircontent and progress to work on the project.

The most helpful part of my project was selecting a topic thatcomprises of a lot of research information. I will be sure to selecta topic that provides an array of information again. Also, I realizethe importance of reading what has already been written on the topic.This makes it possible to have a better basis for making a topicanalysis. Reading what others have written additionally acts as aguide that improves my writing.

I think that the final product has effectively met the projectinstructions. The paper clearly analyzes the authenticity of anaspect of modern culture, in addition to using the recommended books.Also, the argument is clear and easy to understand.

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